Just the Right Time *One Direction Love Story*

Bianca and Alicia weren't ordinary 18 year old girls. Yes, they love One Direction. Yes, they have their hopes and dreams. But they had voices. Their whole like changed when Simon Cowell signed them. What happens when they collide with the biggest boy band on earth?


2. Alicia <3


Hey, I'm Alicia. I'm 18 and a bit on the quieter side.

I'm famous with my best friend Bianca. 

We were signed by Simon Cowell and have come really far in life.


I'm British and I tend to be very well mannered...

That is without Bianca xD

I'm responsible, mature, and yet I still manage to break out and have fun. 

My favorite color in purple. Gotta love it!

My favorite food is ice cream!

Yummy :3

Okay well I have to go!



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