Stole My Heart* A 1D love story*

*An Alicia_Payne Fanfic* One day Harmony is sleeping over at her friend Nikki's house. But she doesn't realize who Nikki's boy friend is. Can you guess??


6. The Hospital

Nikki's POV

I felt so bad. I hurt Harms. I can believe it. I'm dying inside. Harms didn't want to sit next to me. I felt tears build up in our eyes. All of a sudden, the tears came down my face. Liam saw me and he grabbed me."It's  all  my  fault!" I said between cries. Liam said "Shh... It's gonna be ok." I calmed down at his voice, sat down in the back with him, and fell asleep.


I woke up in Liam's lap and I heard the sound of beeping. I opened my eyes and saw Harmony on the bed, with brusies all over her. I screamed. I woke Liam up. I guessed it was the middle of the night. Then I ran over to her. "What the fuck happened?" I said. Liam looked up with worry in his eyes."Your dad found us" he said with a hoarse voice. He told me the whole story and I realized something. Boo Bear wasn't in the room! "WHERE IS BOO BEAR?!" I screamed. Then Liam said " Your dad had a gun and-and-and..." his voice trailed off. "WHAT?!" 

A doctor must have heard me because she rushed in and said " What is wrong?" "WHERE IS LOUIS TOMLINSON?"



OOOOO CLIFF HANGER! Plz comment and i will be having a contest. I will make a sequel. Whoever makes up the best idea for a sequel wins! BYE!

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