Stole My Heart* A 1D love story*

*An Alicia_Payne Fanfic* One day Harmony is sleeping over at her friend Nikki's house. But she doesn't realize who Nikki's boy friend is. Can you guess??


4. OMG!


Nikki's POV

When the door creaked open i saw someone that i never saw before. I saw a... a messed up Harmony. I gasped and screamed .The boys ran up behind me and they all gasped. Harmony was sitting on the ground, crying, and her hair and make-up was messed up. Some of her make-up was about to drip of  her face onto her outfit. I quickly scrambled to get into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I didn't say ANYTHING to Harmony because if she said anything, she would probably cry. In about a half-hour I wiped up her face, redid her make-up,and redid her hair. Then I finally asked her", So... what happened?" She looked at me and said', C-Cale b-broke u-up w-with m-me in a t-text m-message." Then i hugged her, grabbed her hand, and lead her out to the room the boys were in. They didn't see us at first, so i saw the worried look on their faces. Then Liam looked up an nudged Lou. Lou looked got up and I let go of Harmony's hand. i knew what he was going to do. Then her embraced her. 


Harmony's POV

I was heart broken. I walked into a room, hand in hand with Nikki. I looked around the room and noticed 1D was sitting right in front of me. Liam nudged Louis and he looked up. Then Louis stood up and wrapped his muscular arms around me. I quickly realized that Nikki texted one of the boys and the person told everyone what happened. Then I hugged him back. He was making me feel better. What happened after that shocked me and everyone else. Louis leaned in. Then his lips crashed into mine. I kissed back and he smiled into the kiss then he pulled back and he looked around and said", What? You guys knew I was gonna do that.' I felt me cheeks go red. Then Louis asked me", Do you want to go on a double date with KK and Liam?" Nikki groaned. "Who is KK?" I asked. "Nikki." I instantly blurted out "YES" and embaressed my self. From that moment, I knew Louis Tomlinson had a crush on me.

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