Stole My Heart* A 1D love story*

*An Alicia_Payne Fanfic* One day Harmony is sleeping over at her friend Nikki's house. But she doesn't realize who Nikki's boy friend is. Can you guess??


7. Oh No!!!

The Doctor's POV

I heard screaming coming from a room. What happened?? Even though I'm new to this job, it wasn't a paitent screaming. It was someone freaking out. I ran to the room and said "What is wrong?" "WHERE IS LOUIS TOMLINSON?" I was shocked. She was Liam Payne's girl friend, Nikkolete Johnson, or Nikki as everyone calls her. Why was she asking for Louis Tomlinson's room? "He is in surgery. Your friend here is going to be here for a while. She is in a coma. I'm sorry."

Nikki's POV

When I heard what the doctor said, I blacked out. When I woke up, Liam was in front of my face, looking worried. When he saw my eyes open, he completely cheered up. "Why are you so happy babe?" I asked him. He said "Louis is out of surgery. He is fine! And Harmony woke up!" I was so excited, I jumped up. Then I realized I was in a hospital bed. "Oww!" I said in pain, holding my head. "The doctor told me to tell you that you hit your head and you should take it easy." Liam said. Harmony was looking at me. " OMG Harmony! I am so sorry! This is all my fault! My dad abused you and Lou got-go-" She interupted me by saying" It is fine. And I need to tell you some thing. Boys, can you give me and KK some privacy?" "Boys??" " Yeah. Lou is standing over there." My eyes widened. I turned around. "BOO BEAR!" I ran up to him and hugged him. "Hey hey, be careful. You're hurting me." he said. I lifted up his shirt and saw the place he got shot. I blacked out AGAIN.


I woke up to people surrounding me. "Who are you people?" The only girl there gasped. "Doctor!" she yelled. The doctor ran in and said "What happened?!" "She can't remember us!" a boy yelled with gorgeus hair and carmel brown eyes you could stare into forever. " Oh my god, babe, how can you not remember us?" the dreamy boy said. The doctor was checking the moneders and than she looked to the people. "I'm so sorry, she has lost her memory. She could get it back if you talk to her and tell her everything. Some thing might trigger her memory to come back like a special moment. You may take her home." Then the other boy who was holding the other girl's hand said " Your name is Nikkolete Johnson, I'm Louis Tomlinson, my nick name is Boo Bear, and I call you KK. I'm in the band One Direction." " I'm Liam Payne, my nickname is Li-Li, I call you Nikki, I'm in One Direction too, and I'm your b-b-boyfriend." I could see the hurt in his eyes. I got up and hugged him. The he kissed me. I knew this kiss from somewhere. "Liam?" "Yeah babe?" " I remember the way you kiss. Wait, who are you??" I asked the girl. She burst out into tears. 


The girl never told me about her. I was in someone's car that I kinda reconized. All of a sudden, the car stopped. Liam grabbed my hand and led me inside. " This is your flat." Liam said. He led me to a purple room and he sat down on the bed. I followed him. "This is your room." After he said that, he told me about every other room, but we stayed in my room. When he was done explaining, he leaned in for a kiss. His lips crashed into mine. He licked my bottom lip and asked for entrance. I let him in and we started making out. " Hey Liam we are going to dinner to-umm..." We pulled away and looked at him. "Umm... am I interupting something?" I completely ignored his question. I remembered! I remembered every single thing I should! "LI-LI,BOO BEAR, HARMONY I REMEMBER!" Liam and Lou hugged me. Harmony ran in a joined the hug. " I thought the doctor said something would trigger her memory to come back." Harmony said. "Something did happen." Louis said. Liam an I glared at him and Louis and Harmony smirked. "Well I made reservations for dinner to tell Nikki about her life but now that she remembers why don't we go on a double date to celebrate!"Louis said. " Why don't I call the boys and you call the resturant and make the reservation for 7?" I asked. "Great idea!" they all chorused. Off to dinner!

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