Stole My Heart* A 1D love story*

*An Alicia_Payne Fanfic* One day Harmony is sleeping over at her friend Nikki's house. But she doesn't realize who Nikki's boy friend is. Can you guess??


5. Fashion


*Later that night*

 Harmony's POV                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I felt sick. Nikki dressed me into a dress and heels and LOADS of make-up. I felt like a clown. 

"Harms hurry up!" Nikki yelled grabbing my arm. I ran to keep up with my arm. She dragged me down the stairs and i whimpered in pain. I twisted my ankle in those heels and I completely regreted not complaining to Nikki. She couldn't tell i was hurt, so she kept going. When we were at the bottom of the stairs, we saw the boys waiting. I got off of my knees so they didn't think Nikki dragged me. When I tried to walk, I fell down right away. Louis ran over an picked me up bridal style. I looked to him and got lost in his eyes. Then he leaned in and so did I. Before our lips met, he whispered to me" Babe we got to get you to the hospital. But I want to ask you something. Will you be my girlfriend?" Our lips met before I could answer. I was about to say yes but his lips crashed into mine. He stood there, holding me bridal style. He tried to intensafiy the kiss but licking my bottom lip, looking for entrance. I let him in an a minute later we pulled away, gasping for breath. We saw Liam and Nikki giggling at us. "FUCKING STALKERS! YOU DON'T WATCH PEOPLE MAKING OUT!" Louis screamed. Nikki buried her face in Liam's chest. She really was about to cry. Her parents yelled at her like that and after that they abused her. They still abused her, but they had to find her. Nikki traveled with Liam just incase her parents found her. The last time they found her, I wasn't with her. One Direction was there and they helped kill her mother.


I walked into Liam's house, ready to meet the boys. We said our names and played games all night. Around 1, all of us heard a noise almost like a car pulling into the driveway. I went to look out the window and I saw the car. I ran to Liam and told him my parents were out there. He already knew my secret, and the boys did too. Then Liam told me to go upstairs and I listened. I heard the door being knocked down. I called the police and they said they would be there in 5 minutes. But when i hung up the phone, I heard my mom scream and a loud thump to the floor. I could tell what happened. Liam killed her. Then the police ren in and took my dad away. My mom was taken away, to be buried. I ran down stairs and Liam picked me up. I cried into his chest her whispered " Shhh, it's gonna be ok..."

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