Stole My Heart* A 1D love story*

*An Alicia_Payne Fanfic* One day Harmony is sleeping over at her friend Nikki's house. But she doesn't realize who Nikki's boy friend is. Can you guess??


8. Dinner and "New" Friends

Harmony's POV

So we are in the car. I'm texting Cale, and we were fighting because he wanted to date Alicia. I keep saying NO.  I was sitting next to Nikki to make up for not sitting with her before. So I whispered very quietly so no one could hear it" Cale called me a fucking slut and he said I should go fuck Lou." "Are you fuckin kidding me? He is such a jerk!" I knew she didn't mean that because she LOVED Cale, but I would NEVER tell Li-Li that. 

We got to the resurant and Louis walked in and said"Tomlinson." The waitress looked up and smiled like she was about to fuck him. "Follow me" she said in a "I'm trying to be sexy" voice. I was sooo jealous. Then Louis frowned and said "Stop trying to be all over me. My girlfriend is right here." Then she tried to punch me. I caught her hand and said "I took karate when I was little. Do you really want to go there?" Then she tried to punch me again. I wasn't ready so I thought I was going to get punched but Louis caught her hand, twisted it, and flipped her. Niall started laughing which made everyone laugh. Then security made her get up and her boss came out of his office. "You're fired!" he yelled. He said he was very sorry and led us over to a LONG booth. We ordered food and it came like 30 seconds later. "WOW GREAT SERVICE!" Niall screamed. He made everyone in the resturant look at him. Then these 3 girls rushed over and sat down next to us. They introduced themselves and I thought they were the crazed fans. "Hello. I'm Mckenzi, this is Emily, and this is Cora. They all waved when there name was called. They were really nice. They all seem to like Niall. Nikki said " Wait Mckenzi, Mckenzi Zador? Omg Macky it's you!" "Omg it's you Nikki!" "So you you guy know each other??" I said. "How can you not remember?" Cora said. I thought hard. "OMG NOW I REMEMBER!" I said kinda loud. We all hugged and laughed the night away.(A/N: Sorry I didn't know what to write LOL) Nikki invited them to her flat and Macky fancies Niall, Emily fancies Harry, and Cora fancies Zayn. So we went to Nikki's flat. In the car, all of them started to kiss eachother. CUTE!!

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