Another Direction

Hannah, Savannah, Aubrie, Danielle, and Roxanne are all apart of the band of Another Direction. They are all now entering high school. They'll face a lot of problems that they haven't ever faced before.This school has a tradition, the talent show once every year.Every year a lot of people participate in the talent show. But they find out that another band, One Direction is also in the talent show. They see that they were the hottest guys in school.


2. The First Day of School

Hannah's POV


" So how's you're first day guys?" I said.We're walking to find a seat at lunch.

"Boring as usual." says Aubrie. " Here's a table."

"I saw a lot of people from middle school. Ugh I also saw that you know who Savannah. He's still like his old self. I just wanna kick his ass." I said

Mikey is the guy we're talking about. Savannah dated him for a couple of weeks in middle school. But when she broke up with him, things went all the way downhill. He got all mad and started talking crap about her. How rude is that? It all started when the sixth grade social happened. It's kind of like a dance. Anyway, after the social, he started talking to us and that's how we knew Mikey likes Savannah. But towards the end of the year, he called her a bitch and so her friends and I had to protect her.

"It's okay Hannah, you don't need to do that." Savannah says and everyone else giggles. "And yes I know he's here. The worst part is he is in Science class." 

"Well that sucks." says Danielle."Let's meet at my place after school to practice."

"Yeah totally! Finally we're practicing! Oh and did you know that there's a talent show in May?" says Roxanne "We should totally do it!"

"Well, I don't know... I'm not that good...." Savannah said.

"That's why we practice! Practice makes perfect." Danielle exclaims.

"Yeah! We should totally do the talent show though! That would be cool!" Hannah shouted.

Our band is Another Direction. We are an all girl band. We started it in July. Our band is really fun. I have to admit we aren't serious with our band. We play around a lot. In the band, we all sing and I also play violin. I'm the only one to play an instrument.

"I'm scared." says Savannnah.

"Don't be! We're gonna be ready by the time it's May!" says Roxanne.

"Hey Aubrie what are you looking at?" asks Danielle.

"See those boys over there? They're hot!" Aubrie answeres. "I think that red head one is checking me out. He's hot!"

"Do you know them? They are seniors. Of coarse they're hot." I said. "the one that you like is Louis, Then right next to him to the right is Niall, then Zayn, the Harry, and then Liam.!"

"Oh my gosh! He's walking up to me!I think he saw me stare at him! What do I-"

"Hey.I'm Louis."he says holding out his hand.

Aubrie shakes it,"I'm A-Aubrie"

"Nice to meet you. I saw you staring at me. You're very pretty. Here's my number." He hands a small piece of paper to Aubrie and leaves.

"Oh my gosh!!!!" I shout, "He likes you!" 

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" we all scream.


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