Another Direction

Hannah, Savannah, Aubrie, Danielle, and Roxanne are all apart of the band of Another Direction. They are all now entering high school. They'll face a lot of problems that they haven't ever faced before.This school has a tradition, the talent show once every year.Every year a lot of people participate in the talent show. But they find out that another band, One Direction is also in the talent show. They see that they were the hottest guys in school.


3. Danielle's House.

Danielle's POV

We all arrive to my house. We had a few snacks and then headed to the garage to practice.

"Open up the garage!" Savannah says,"I can't wait!"

"What song will we sing today?" Roxanne asks.

"hmmmmm I don't know! Let's pick an artist first and then pick one of their songs." Aubrie says.

"Justin Bieber? Taylor Swift?"Hannah asks.

"Let's do Taylor Swift, 22!" Savannah says,"DId you see that music video? It's awesome!"

*Hannah plugs her Ipod in the speaker and I hand out our mics.*

"I usually wonder if anyone sees us when we sing. Cuz the garage is open." Hannah says

"Yeah." I say," I don't usually see anyone though."

"Okay ready?" Hannah starts the music.

*We start singing but halfway we see these boys come up to our garage.*

"OMG it's Louis and his friends! He probably heard us sing!" Aubrie whispers to us.

"I didn't know you guys sing. You guys are pretty good!" Louis says

"T-thanks. So do you live around here?" Aubrie asks.

"Well Liam lives a block away. But then we heard you guys sing so we wanted to see who was singing. Do you live here?" Louis asks.

"Well no. My friend Danielle live here." Aubrie pointing to me.

"Hi I'm Danielle." I say softly.

"My friend Liam here lives a block away from you." Louis points at Liam.

I never knew how pretty he was. He's handsome when you're really up close to you. I started to blush. I think my face got really red that time.

"Hi I'm Liam."He puts his hand out.

"I'm Danielle." I shook it "I didn't know you lived around here. We could hang out sometime."

" Yeah sure. That would be great." Liam said

Then I saw him blush. At that moment I thiugh he liked me. Which could probably happen.

"We sing too." A guy behind Liam and Louis says

"I'm Harry." Harry walks up.

Then I saw Roxanne starting to blush.

"Don't forget about us!" an irish accent.

"I'm Niall and my friend here is Zayn." They walk up

Savannah and Hannah were whispering to each other. They're probably talking about Niall and Zayn.

"And together we are called One Direction."Louis says.

"That's weird. Our band is called Another Direction.Hehe." Aubrie giggles

"That's such a coincedence."Harry laughs

"We should totally hangout sometime together." Liam says.

"Yeah! how about Thursday. We are meeting here again. And you guys can come over." Danielle says

"Cool we'll be there." Niall says.

And they walk to Liam's house.

"Oh my gosh. I think I have a crush on Liam."Danielle says

"I think we're all in love." Roxanne says.


**Authors note: Hey I hope you like the fanfic. please tell me to update. Or if it isn't good, tell me what to improve on. I really hope you guys think that it's good. It's my first one so it probably won't be good as the other good ones. Thanks!**

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