Chanel Bandeaux speaks her mind, her sarcasm has no limit and trouble always seems to find her wherever she went. She’s the girl with the predator look in her eyes, and her enemies are her prey. Expelled from her old school, her adoptive parents send her off to a school for delinquents with her best friends. Chanel isn’t normal. She is what people describe as feral.

Dane Emesto isn’t someone people wanted to cross. He’s the tall-dark-handsome type who can’t help but attract trouble and girls. A player and a fighter, he’s known the delinquent college to be his second home. A place where he’s respected, or feared in most cases. He liked the reputation he had as the bad boy, but when Chanel steps in and takes his position away, he’s angered. He doesn’t want to admit that compared to her, he’s an angel. Despite the hate he had for her, he couldn’t help but he lured in by her enigmatic behaviour. He wants to know the reason to her coldness is.


1. Prologue

~Chanel Bandeaux~

“You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be used against you in court, you have the right to consult with an attorney and have that attorney present during questioning, if you are indigent, an attorney will be provided at no cost,” I was watching Declan mirandizing while hand cuffing Fabien D’Amo for first and third degree rape. I had to tag along since no one at the police station wanted to ‘babysit’ the distinguished troublemaker and Declan was the one who was in charge of me and my shit.

                We all entered the car, with me in shot gun, Fabien in the back and Declan who was pissed beyond imaginable driving. He avoided eye contact with me and acted like he preferred Fabien than me, and he most likely did seeing as he had to ditch a date with his snob of a girlfriend to stop me from beating the shit out of Alexandria. Declan’s girlfriend was cheating on him anyways but since he was an oblivious idiot, he hadn't noticed her winking at his mate Blake or her texts to his partner in crime-stopping Duncan.

                “Cheer up Dec, she’s probably at Blake’s right now, having the time of her life,” he was used to me hinting on her unfaithful ways but never believed me since I apparently was a liar as much as I  was a troublemaker. He grunted in response, not giving my words a second thought before taking a quick swerve and passing the speed limit but of course, seeing as he was a police, it was fucking dandy.

                “Why must you always cause trouble for me? Can’t you be a good little girl and behave?” he yelled, his clutch on the steering wheel tightening. “Why can’t you be like your sister?” he knew how much I hated that question, or even people recognizing Vivien as my sister. I had a strong dislike towards the bitch.

                “Vivien is not my sister, and I won’t be like her, she’s an obnoxious bitch who can’t stop yammering on and on about accountability and shit like that,” I said to him in a deathly calm voice, taking out my I-pod and plugging in my earphones.

                Same love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert started to play from my I-pod, drowning out the sound of Declan yammering on and on about how negligent and undependable I was and how atrocious people thought of my behavior  After a while, he noticed I wasn't paying attention and snatched my earphones out wrathfully which angered me because I didn't like the point that he thought he had supremacy over me.

                “Where you listening to me?” he bellowed, making me roll my eyes and seize the earphones from him. It was clear I wasn't paying attention yet he asked the question. I detested people who asked questions with the answers evidently right under the bridge of their nose.

                “No idiot, you seem to forget that I don’t care what people think of me nor do I care if I was negligent for fighting, the girl was being a bitch about gays and I put her in her place, if you fucking think it’s fine to tyrannize people because of the same-sex situation then fuck you but I’m not going to watch a bitch like her mocking someone just because they're gay,” I spat at him, opening the door mid-driving and walking out. He didn't like what I had done, seeing as it wasn't allowed to do so and that if I left his sight, he would have gotten shit from the ‘parental’ units.

                “Get back in here!” he yelled but I overlooked him and glanced over the area I was in. There was a forest so I gave Declan the finger as a sign of rebellion and fast-tracked towards the forest using my additional speed, leaving Fabien D’Amo the child rapist and Declan confused to where I had gone.

                I had to get to school because it was morning. I had stayed over at the police department because Jeff and Gisela didn't want to pay my bail seeing as I beat up their neighbour’s daughter. They weren't supporters of homosexuality and bisexuality so they agreed with Alexandria and thought my behavior was repulsive like always.

                I took my bag down and stripped so I wasn’t wearing anything. I then backed away a little, making sure I had enough space to shift. Then I ran at full speed and jumped up, ignoring the cracking of my bones and the skin tearing. It didn’t hurt though, it was more of a numbing feeling since I had gotten used to it.

                I landed on the floor on four paws that had semi-retractable claws. There was a puddle on the floor, revealing a reflection of myself. My chest was deep and my waist was narrow. I had coarse, short, tanned fur that had round black spots affording me some camouflage while hunting which I rarely did. There were no spots on my white underside, but my tail had spots which merged to form six dark rings at the end. The end of my tail was a bushy white tuft. It instinctively curled as I sat down and leaned in to lap up the water. My head was small, with high-set eyes. Black tear marks running from the corner of my eyes down the sides of my nose to my mouth that kept sunlight out of my eyes and helped see long distance. I was in my element, I was in my form. I was a cheetah.

                Humans would ask, how? My father was a feline, a high member of the Feline association. The leader of all felines was the Lion and Lioness, Queen Felicity and King Leonard. They had a cheeky son that went by the name Forrest. Since my father and Leonard were good friends, I was best friends with Forrest since childhood.

My mother won the respect of the felines by working by the felines and earning a place in the aristocrats. She was a strange type of vampire. Her type goes back to the middle ages where a Tudor man named Edward and it even goes farther than that to the Stone Age era. Those times, they weren’t as smart and thrived for dominance amongst their peers.

My mother was what we called a cross between vampire and demon and because of that felines didn’t easily trust my mother, Dust. They thought she was a spawn of the devil and were going to burn her like they burnt a witch but Felicity stopped them and put her into protection. She helped in the war between Feline and Weres, which went through World War II and continued after it had finished. In the end Felicity and Dust, my mother came up with a treaty. They signed the treaty and peace was restored and Felines and Weres joined up to fight against hunters and rogues but it was rare for felines to go rogue and hunters weren’t familiar  with the existence of Felines so Felines helped Weres but another conflict started when mating got involved.

Mother and father weren’t of the same creature the Leonard made a bad decision stating that if Felines and Weres mated, hell will break loose. A Were that went by the name Christopher was appalled by the new law and put my parents into it saying ‘Dust Bandeaux is not a feline yet she is allowed to mate with one of yours but when our kind chooses to mate with your kind, it is wrong?’ and Leonard didn’t like his thoughts questioned and he started a new war.

The war went on and on, my mother became pregnant with me. She was going through something similar to heat and father couldn’t resist. They mated and she became his mate. This caused another commotion since her pregnancy meant that I was to be born a hybrid. The Weres disliked the idea that I was even allowed to be born and rebelled against my parents so the King and Queen put them into intense security. After I was born, I continued living in the cell until the age of thirteen when the war had ended and peace was once again restored between Felines and Weres, mating was allowed but some idiot had kept a grudge since his sister was killed in the war and the minute we got released, he had created a small pack and tried to kill me but my parents being heroic took my place and went to heaven while I ran to the royals, but they were dead and the Prince had his memories wiped and was to be executed but I snapped and saved him.

We both ran away, well I had done the running since his legs were limp. I had an idea; my father had always told me a story about two couple who ran away from their kingdom through water. It was stupid but I jumped into the water and swam deep down and found a whirl pool that had been connected to the mortal world, Earth so I jumped in with the Prince but when we reached the mortal realm, the Prince was nowhere in sight and I had been in a coma for two months since water had entered my lungs and the intensity of the whirl pool fractured my bones.

Moving away from my reflection, I headed towards my bag and grabbed it between my teeth and started running towards the school using my sense of direction. The wind was rushing into my face, my adrenaline level was over the roof, and I increased my speed at every step. I was an adrenaline junkie; running gave me the adrenaline pump I needed. Flying was great too, but I rarely did that in case of being noticed by a human or a hunter. Flying was better though, you can go as high as you can without going out of the atmosphere and just fly while the wind rushes into your face. Most werebirds, which were usually werehawks or doves, had to have a steady lung, in human form and in bird but I, being part demon didn’t need a steady lung to be able to fly.

My school was coming in sight, the strong smell of human blood, saccharine, metallic, and heavy hit my nose hard making me halt just in case I was about to do something drastic. I instinctively licked my lips and grazed my fangs with my tongue, trying to fight control over my vampiristic side.

I quickly shifted into human form and took my clothing out of the bag. After I had put on my undergarment, I put on my grey tank top that said ‘WHEN BAD MEETS EVIL’ in bold handwriting in black, grey and black tie dye cut-off jeans shorts and black and white vans. I slung my bag on my shoulders and walked towards the school gate.

“Morning,” I acknowledged the gates keeper’s presence by a nod and flashed him my ID, which was a necessary thing to do seeing as a twenty five years old had snuck in and assaulted a girl two years ago. He nodded and opened moved away from the gate so I could enter.

The school was packed with cliques. From the cheerleaders, to the jocks, to the chess club and so on. I belonged in the, well I didn’t belong in anything because I didn’t socialize with the stuck up idiots at my school. I was more of a lone wolf or in my case, lone feline with two friends, Emmett and Seth. I just didn’t want friends more than two. I liked my life simple without friendship issues and seeing as Emmett was a simple, carefree guy and Seth was a reserved yet carefree guy, we didn’t have those fights that broke us up, occasionally the Slut Clique joins us, well the boys for a quick fuck, or as they call it ‘love making’ and sometimes eat with us so the boys can keep up their player status. We weren’t exactly loved by most of the students; the girls were able to look past the pranks and harsh truth when it came to the boys, but me? They despised me for being friends with the two hottest guys in school and ruining their hair by putting hair dye in the sprinkler system, and I was drunk at that moment.

“Chanel! We’re in big shit!” Emmett yelled while running towards me with a frantic yet wild look in his eyes. I raised my brow at him, waiting for him to continue. Seth, who was standing behind Emmett chuckled, walked towards me and lazily slung his arm around my shoulder. Even though I hated physical contact, it was fine when it was with Emmett and Seth.

“Remember how Ms Kendrick caught us smoking behind the gym? Well the parental units got informed and they’re planning our expulsion and transfer to a delinquent school!” I broke into laughter while people around us gasped at the news. I noticed he wasn’t joking and stopped, bitting my lip trying to understand what I felt about the situation, but just shrugged and punched Emmett’s arm gently in a greeting manner.

“I don’t know a delinquent school nearby, are we moving or something?” I asked, Seth smirking at what I had said. “I’m guessing we are then, do you know where to?” I asked but this time, they just shrugged.

“All I know is that we’re going to be living together seeing as it’s not a boarding school and the parental units don’t want us around nor do they want us dragging them to somewhere else,” Seth added, tossing Emmett and I bubble-gum.

“Where are the slut-town citizens?” I asked, both of them shrugging at the question. “Aw, you don’t even know the whereabouts of your fans? That is just sad guys, I’m disappointed!” I exclaimed sarcastically, and as if it was on cue, the Latina Bitches made their appearance. Geraldine and Josephine wrapped their skinny arms around the men’s waist. They jumped away in surprise, which didn’t do justice to the seductive act the girls were trying to put on.

“Hey babe, did you miss me?” Josephine asked, batting her eyelashes, pouting and attempting to put on the puppy dog face. Seth, who looked overly uncomfortable coughed to cover up the ‘slut’ and gave her his movie star smile that had the girls dropping their panties.

Josephine and Geraldine were the blond bombshell of the school and were smart girls academically but made bad decisions when it came to sex. They would sleep with anything that had a penis, no matter what size. They were twins but had differences in appearance. Josephine had wide emerald green eyes while Geraldine had midnight blue eyes. They had tanned skin not from the sun but from their heritage. They were skinny, their legs and arms showed bones.

Last time we had a trip to beach, they wore these tiny swim suits and failed to make their outfit attractive by adding belts. Their bikini top revealed scars that could only be received from surgery and seeing as their parents were wealthy and breast surgeon, it was easy to believe. The first time I saw them, I thought they were going to topple over because they couldn’t carry their breasts’ heaviness.

“What about you?” Geraldine asked, twirling her hair and smiling ‘innocently’ at Emmett. Emmett being Emmett grinned and gave her a peck on the forehead. The girls awed while Seth and I rolled our eyes.

“Of course,” he lied, grabbing her hand and walking away. When she wasn’t looking, he turned to us, winked and walked away. Josephine, who was hoping he did what Emmett did got what she wanted because Seth mouthed an apology and walked away in the direction of the janitor’s closet.

Liam, the gay bloke walked shuffled me shyly. The girls and guys literally stopped and stared at Ben with a warning look when he approached me. I popped the bubble-gum and raised my brow at his approaching figure.

“Um, hey Chanel, I just wanted to say thanks for what you did with Alexandria, no one has ever done that for me before,” he shyly muttered, looking up from the ground and giving me a wavering smile. I gave him a small smile back, which shocked the people since it was a rare thing to see me smile

“You’re welcome, I don’t like bullying, just remember there are people like you other there,” I said, but I didn’t expect what he did next. He jumped up, and wrapped his arms around my waist. I widened my eyes but didn’t move him. I slowly raised my hand and hugged him back, missing my mother’s embrace.

“Thank you,” he whispered and let go. I let go and nodded mutely. “You’re not the monster people said you were, you’re just a misunderstood girl,” he commented, showing that he wasn’t going to leave my side.

“At least you see that, that’s something,” I muttered, walking towards Home Economics. He walked along my side, the sense of discomforting easing and a smile appearing on his face.

“Are you like me?” he asked all of a sudden, making me halt and contemplate telling him. “You can tell me, I can’t judge without judging myself,” he joked but I remained quiet.

“No,” I said truthfully. He frowned at my answer, not looking convinced. “I like both,” his face clouded with realization and smiled in understanding.

“Late as always Chanel! And dragged poor Liam down with you! I’ll excuse your tardiness Liam seeing as it is your first time, but Chanel you have detention at lunchtime, be there!” Mrs Benson yelled, while I rolled my eyes and sat in my reserved spot.

“Don’t count on it,” 

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