Chanel Bandeaux speaks her mind, her sarcasm has no limit and trouble always seems to find her wherever she went. She’s the girl with the predator look in her eyes, and her enemies are her prey. Expelled from her old school, her adoptive parents send her off to a school for delinquents with her best friends. Chanel isn’t normal. She is what people describe as feral.

Dane Emesto isn’t someone people wanted to cross. He’s the tall-dark-handsome type who can’t help but attract trouble and girls. A player and a fighter, he’s known the delinquent college to be his second home. A place where he’s respected, or feared in most cases. He liked the reputation he had as the bad boy, but when Chanel steps in and takes his position away, he’s angered. He doesn’t want to admit that compared to her, he’s an angel. Despite the hate he had for her, he couldn’t help but he lured in by her enigmatic behaviour. He wants to know the reason to her coldness is.


3. Chapter Two

~Chanel Bandeaux~


I’m not going to sugar-coat anything Elders, I’m quiet disappointed. I’ve always seen you as a classy association who would rather chose something or someone decent like a fellow feline than those irksome guardians. You seem to have forgotten the danger they brought to the Vampire Kingdom. I thought it was the right thing to do by learning from others and your own mistake.

Let’s not dwell on that subject though: I need a visual on Forrest. From what I know thanks to your insect that apparently went by the name Jemima, Forrest was in London, surprising where the whirlpool will take you. She wasn’t exactly clear to how long ago Forrest was in London but if I have a visual now, I might recognize him. You did say he is close.

I also need some information on him. I’m assuming you can provide that. If he has a new name, age, everything. I want it in my inbox by tomorrow. I am also wondering about the birthmark assumption you made.

My birthmark is not somewhere I prefer to be touched, I really hope his birthmark isn’t in the same place. It will cause complications. We can’t enter the Feline Kingdom while having sex, it will be degrading. Please ask Jinx to send something or give me something that can move the birthmark or just place it somewhere it for a while.

                C. Bandeaux

P.S – Don’t send guardians, they ruin everything.

“Ah, so bored!” I threw a pillow at Em who was whining and groaning about how boring it was to be in a huge house with two police officers watching us intently from the next door and another guy from next door practically choosing outfits 24/7. I chose not to stereotype and wonder of his sexuality.

I exited my email and shut my laptop down then faced Em. He was in red and white tank top, periwinkle blue shorts and flip flops. Seth however wasn’t fully closed; he had thought it was a great idea to be in just a grey cardigan and batman boxers. When we told him to put something on, he refused to be ‘judged’ for his clothing and how he is.

“So, after hours of befriending a shitload of the people, specifically girls, at our new school, I have managed to get us into a party only thing is that the girl I asked thinks El is a guy… I did introduce you as my best friend, they just assumed that you’re a man,” he shrugged carelessly, getting up and heading for his open luggage.

Seeing as there was no parental guidance, we decided to not put our things in our new rooms and just dump them in the living room. The only way we knew the difference between the luggages was that mine was purple, Seth’s was blue and Em’s was silver.

“Alcohol? Teenagers? Maybe I won’t have to drink from you tonight Em, I can trick some drunk teenager into giving me what I need, god I feel like a rapist,” I cursed and got up to get dressed. People take me for a girl, who doesn’t care how she looks, and they’re right, I don’t care. I just didn’t want my tits hanging out at a party where there were surely going to be hormonal teenage boys looking for a quick bang. I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“So, does this girl have girlfriends, if so, are they hot?” of course Em would have asked that, he lived for sex. He was practically like a bunny. I was certain he will never commit to a girl, or a guy. You never know. Emerson Lively could just be a closest gay after all.

I grabbed my luggages and bags and accelerated upstairs using my excessive speed and headed for my new bedroom. Once I got into the room, I did a quick check up on everything. I liked the colouring, four metallic silver walls with blood red regal patterns. There were some gothic catches to my room which I actually liked. The balcony was a nice touch too.

I didn’t want to take a shower, I had already taken a shower earlier and I didn’t fancy another shower. I just decided to put on a black strapless bra. Then I grabbed a teal leopard print one lace mesh quarter sleeve dress. It was a dress given to me by Seth for my birthday. It hadn’t been worn ever seeing as usually I just wore a tank top, a jacket and jeans. Change is good eh?

I grabbed the first shoe that caught my eye which was two pairs of black, pointy stiletto high heel ankle boots. I put them all on and headed to the bathroom to check my reflection out. My light blonde hair was cascading down my shoulders and my grey-blue eyes were sparkling with mischief and excitement.

“Good enough,” I muttered with a smirk and sprinted downstairs in heels. That took talent. I had watched a few of Em’s friends, Criss and Kane try and fail at walking in heels. Criss ended up with a bruise on his face after face flat on the concrete ground whilst Kane scraped his knee. Em had a strange fear of blood back then and fainted. Seth and I called the doctors for Criss and Em but the first minute he saw a needle, he did a runner. It was hilarious.

“I’m ready! You guys ready? I hope you’re not still wearing your boxers Seth, you have the privilege of taking your pants of in the bathroom or bedroom at the party, wait, the party is at someone’s house right? Because I just spent ten minutes of my time changing into a dress,” I said as I reached the last step. I got a small handbag from a desk and walked into the living room.

To my delight, Seth was in grey shorts and was wearing vans. Em had changed into red vans too. They glanced my way, eyed me up and down and put their thumbs up in approval. I rolled my eyes at their action but copied their gesture to show them they looked fine. Why lie?

“We’re going to get laid tonight, that is not a possibility, it is a known fact,” I stated, grabbing car keys from my hand bag and heading out side. The other two followed behind and just as we all stepped out, our next door neighbour [not the police officers] but the other one who changed his clothes like he was getting ready for some prom-like shit.

He turned around and looked at me. I turned around and looked at him. Thoughts were running through my mind and one thing stuck out. The little girl with make-up caked all over her face was as attractive as cabbage patch doll, maybe worse, chucky the doll worse. That was the only thing that stuck out. She glared at me, like expected to which I returned with a deadly glare.

“How old is she? She looks like a rejected barbie doll,” Seth said in his usual blunt yet sarcastic tone. Unfortunately for him, she had heard him and so had the guy with indecision of clothing choice.

“Hey, don’t talk about my sister that way, it’s disrespectful,” the guy said defensively, putting his hand on his sister’s shoulder and pushing her behind him. I raised my brow at his comment, finding it amusing at how he saw what Seth said disrespecting.

“Honey, what’s disrespecting is the amount of make up on her face, what is she? The decoration to a pampered girl’s birthday cake?” I snorted in sarcasm, eying the guy. He wasn’t that bad looking; in fact he was very attractive. Light brown hair that seemed ash blonde under the sun, blue eyes that sparkled with annoyance although that was just amusing, not much attracting. Despite the amount of time he had spent changing from shorts and pants, he was wearing a simple white tank shirt with black shorts. He had an athletic body too. Thank goodness commitment is irrelevant to me, or else I would have been begging him to date or in other words, fuck me. I’m so nasty.

“Well, who the fuck do you think you are being all judgemental? You’re wearing a dress that shows the outline of your fucking ass!” as if to check, which probably the reason to why they looked, Em and Seth leaned back and examined my butt.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were able to see what’s up with my ass without being behind me, and honey, last time I checked this dress is half 15 centimetre above e my butt and unless my ass has dropped at an early age, I’m pretty sure my butt is not at that length,” I said mockingly, smirking at him bitchily.

“Oh my, it’s Santana Lopez! Don’t you have a girl to scissor? I’m pretty sure Lady Hummel here,” the girl pointed at Seth. “Would gladly let you stick your fingers in his mangina,” she shot back, lamely using a Glee based insult.

“Oh no! You figured it out, I am lesbian. Don’t worry though, I have my limits, I wouldn’t touch a rejected 13 year old Barbie doll with socks stuffed in her padded bra,” I was growing bored at the silly remarks they were throwing at us. I wanted to get drunk, of course tipsy, and get a drink. Some normal soy milk had helped me with my thirst but it was an hour thing. Never lasts long and soy milk tastes disgusting.

“Ok El, Barbie, Ken, as much as I love hearing you throw insults at each other, there is a party with babes waiting for us and we need to get there and give a little education to the Ohio kids on how to party, Chicago style,” Em dragged the ‘style’ while walking away with a smirk on his face. I was impressed by his departure; it was something Em would do.

I however turned around, waving with my hand from my behind. Seth chuckled and headed for the car, shot gun. The son of a bitch had taken advantage of my blood-deprivation and took my lack of energy as an advantage by stealing my seats.

“So Seth, what do the babes look like? Blonde? Brunette?” I rolled my eyes at Em’s comment and took my i-Phone out of my bag. I had two messages from Criss and Kane asking when they were going to see us. I wasn’t best friends with them but we were pretty close, not close enough for them to know my inhumane secrets though. They would just right to ‘Turn us into vampires!’ or ‘Can I see?’ or make a stupid joke that probably goes a little like ‘You’re just a pussy,’ then say ‘You see what I did there?’ in an obvious matter.

“The girl I talked to is called Charlotte, a petite brunette, her friends are Shawna who is a blonde slim gal and the other one is Havana, redhead and apparently a bit crazy,” Seth chuckled quietly at an inside joke. “They’re pretty cool though, well Charlotte is anyways, she was sent to the delinquent school for setting fire to her principal’s house,” he added, still chuckling. I chuckled along with him in an impressed way. ‘The principal must have been a bitch,’ I thought.

“It’s not far, two – three minutes’ drive to the house, belongs to some rich kid that goes by the name Finn or Flynn, I don’t know, apparently, his mother is a fashion designer and his father is an international chef, from what I’ve been told, he throws epic parties,” Seth smirked clearly impressed with the rich kid.

“You heard what he said, rich, chef dad, designer mom, probably has models around his house and different types of food every day, we need to befriend this guy,” Em joked, high fiving Seth in the process.

“Never took you for a gold digger Em, so disappointed right now!” I exclaimed, putting my hand over my mouth. He rolled his eyes, amused and gave me a goofy smile through the rear view mirror. “Does he go to our school?” I asked, looking out the window.

Ohio wasn’t so bad, it was better than Chicago. I had liked being the female version of CM Punk but it was becoming boring. Ohio was peaceful and the delinquent school sounded exciting. The only delinquent I’ve been close too is Em, Seth and of course Xavier although I haven’t spoken to him after we broke up. I was crazy to think I could engage in a proper relationship without trouble brewing.

“Yea, apparently he tried to hack into the USA Government database but ended up caught, the government let him go after they found out he knew nothing and his intentions were ‘childish’, that what Charlotte said anyways, since he was too young for prison, they went to the closest delinquent school,” Seth shrugged, clearly not believing the reason to the rich kid trying to hack into the USA government database.

“Well, that’s bad ass, he sounds more like a jock who shows off his wad of cash,” I murmured, my eyes widening as I saw a dark skinned teenage girl yelling at a little kid. The little kid seemed like she was about to shit her pants.

“Actually, Charlotte said that he threw parties to mainly piss of his parents and for the benefit of his best friend Dean or Dane, I don’t know, she also quoted ‘the ladies just come rolling in,’, that’s what he said anyways,” Seth pointed out with a smirk. He had been speaking so fondly of Charlotte and I thought it was time to point it out.

“Never knew you actually talked to a girl like a normal human being without flirting, fucking and kicking her out, other than me of course,” I snorted, wiggling my eyebrows. “I think Seth Donovan likes this Charlotte gal! My gosh that’s surprising!” I exclaimed, giving Seth a wink. He fought to keep the blush that crept out.

“Oh my, oh my! Seth Collins Donovan likes a girl! Chanel dear, I think I’m going to pass out!” Em exclaimed, putting the back of his palm on his forehead and leaned back, making his chair tilt and whack me in the knee. I frowned and pushing his chair away a bit forcefully making him arch forwards with ‘oomph’.

“Oh, sorry boo, it’s just that you weighted like a freaking buffalo; my knees aren’t that strong,” Em frowned at what I had called him. He hated being called ‘boo’. It reminded him of a girlfriend that had turned into a stalker after Em broke up with her. She wouldn’t leave him alone and every day, he would have a mail from her with her repeatedly calling him ‘boo’. She left him alone after I told her we were dating. She hated homosexuality let alone ‘insect’ so she ran away after yelling, ‘You shall be sent to hell!’

“Oh please El, these muscles are a symbol of a healthy, totally not over-weight or under-weight, you don’t need to lie, everyone here knows it and I’m sure Ohio’s female population will know it too after a few weeks,” Seth and I rolled our eyes at his egotistical comment just before Seth made a quick swerve to the left.

“Yes boo, you’re packed with muscle, a perfect BMI but as strong as I am, my knees can’t take your weight, so stop leaning, you’re so egotistical, I don’t know if the women will like that! They don’t seem as desperate for attention and acceptance as they were in Chicago,” I muttered, glancing at the huge mansions. They were big, I tell you that but it was no surprise. I had seen bigger, castle big. I lived in one.

“Aren’t all these rich people supposed to be all sanctimonious and ostentatious? From what I know, rich people are not fond of party music and vomiting teens,” Em said, glancing from left to right in admiration. He was easily impressed, like a little kid. He’s not exactly the picky type. He takes any type of girl, from no class to pampered bitches. Any food, Romanian to Ethiopian. He’s an open person; he’s just a bit secretive.

“Majority of the people are teens or kids with their babysitters who are usually teens, the parental units here are usually on business trips or something,” Seth answered with a smile. He came to a stop in front of a house with loud music, dubstep to be exact.

‘Hey,’ Kitty muttered in an attempt to get my attention. My eyes instinctively looked up as if I was talking to someone in front of me. ‘You know how mom and dad were mates, do you think we have a mate?’ she asked distantly but I didn’t miss the sadness in her voice. Despite being a dangerous feline, she was a softy. She was the mother and Crim and Devona were the childish kids.

I knew she missed a feline companion hence why she would get excited everything any animal remotely feline came close to us; she would immediately take control without a warning. She would play with the feline, even roll around with it, she would go as far as eating cat food which leaves a nasty taste and smell in my mouth.

‘No, I don’t think so Kitty, you know that even with you here with us, Devona and Crim’s genes won’t let us have only one mate, Devona and Crim are demons remember, mates disturb the natural cycle of a demon,’ I told her in a soft, soothing voice. Despite the trouble between Vampires and the Demon Z12, Vampires are offspring of the Demon lord so Vampires are infarct a distant cousin of the succubi/incubi. Vampires are individual demons.

‘Yea I know,’ she drifted away, taking her sadness with her. I wanted to feel bad for her but couldn’t. I didn’t want a mate. It wasn’t Devona or Crim talking, I just never wanted a mate. It was sweet with my parents, the royals but I hated it. A man or woman you have to be vulnerable to, attached to forever? A person you love no matter what? Sounds horrible and relationships were stupid and left you vulnerable. Vulnerability wasn’t an option in my book, it was a weakness.

“Let’s go,” I stepped out of the car and headed towards the door. There were girls and guys mingling, beer pong table outside with a bunch of girls playing and there was a broken bird stand on the floor with water leaking out too. It looked like the typical party hosted by a hormonal teenager.

“Ek! It’s him! Oh my god! He’s not a fat, bald rapist! How much do I own you?” A redhead squealed while running towards Seth along with a blonde and brunette. The brunette looked quiet shy as she glanced over Seth over and over again. Her eyes landed on his abs, and stayed there.

“You like what you see Charlotte?” he asked, smirking at her. She smiled sheepishly and shrugged with an ‘eh’ expression on her face. I liked her instantly. “Well ladies, this is my best friends, Emerson otherwise known as Em,” Em gave them a flirty wink; quickly eying the redhead and blonde quickly without showing he was checking them out. The brunette was a no-go. “And Chanel, otherwise known as El,” I nodded my head in acknowledgement as the girls eyed me.

The brunette and blonde shared a look while the redhead eyed me, looked straight in my eyes and then I saw the hint of excitement and a dangerous glint in her eyes, a dangerous feline glint. Karma must have been pleased by Kitty’s job because we had a feline in front of us.

“It’s great to meet you,” she put her hand out for me to shake. “I’m Sapphire,” she added, with a smirk. I took her hand into my hand and shook it, immediately showing my superiority over her. This process was quick and unnoticeable to humans. A surge of electricity with all your supernatural abilities is sent to the other feline to show superiority.

She bowed her head and muttered something incoherent. I smirked and took my hand away. I turned to the other two girls and gave them a tight grin. The blonde one hesitantly smiled back whist the brunette coldly eyed me.

“Don’t worry hun, Seth is like a brother to me,” I patted her shoulder teasingly and entered the house. The minute I did so, a weird atmosphere in the air slapped me in the face. Not feline, demon or vampire but something quite different. I just couldn’t understand what it is.

‘Listen fella, I know it’s wonderful to have found another cat, she’s probably an Egyptian Mao but I need a drink, so let’s go get a drink, what do you say?’ Impatient asswipe. ‘I heard that,’ Crim pointed out teasingly. I rolled my eyes and took a drink of the desk and smelt it.

Different types of chemical hit my nose hard but most of them belonged to alcohol except for one, Rohypnol, the infamous rape drug. I frowned but shrugged and chugged it anyone. Rohypnol worked as an alcohol other than a rape drug, it just made me a bit loose. It doesn’t make me out of control and a blabber mouth.

I noticed a stare from my side so I turned around to find two guys, identical staring at me with worried looks in their eyes. I had a hunch that they were involved with the rape drug situation, possibly pear pressure.

I raised my drink and nodded before putting the cup down and walked into what I thought was the kitchen. Bottles of beer everywhere, three beer kegs under the kitchen island, one was being used for chugging, boring.

I headed for what I thought was the living room, the drunk central. Em and Seth were there, talking to the girls. When they noticed my arrival thanks to Sapphire’s glance at me, they gestured me to come over.

Just as I was walking towards them, I noticed someone, Ken doll. He was standing there, talking to a guy with a bored expression on his face. His expression from earlier, which was annoyed and sightly childish, had disappeared and turned into a bored façade. I rolled my eyes at his plastic looks and headed towards Em, Seth and the girls. Sapphire lowered her head in respect, making me smirk.

“How’s it going?” I asked eyeing the blonde, Charlotte who was still eyeing me coldly. ‘Something tells me she has trust issues,’ I thought sarcastically. I rolled my eyes at her and turned to Em and Seth.

“Charlotte and Sapphire were just telling us about the school, so far so good,” Em said while putting his thumbs up. “Except for a few dicks and bitches that go by the name Dane, Havana and Savana,” he added, gesturing me to look at someone. I turned around to find Ken doll.

“Ken doll? A dick? I wouldn’t have guessed!” I exclaimed sarcastically before the lights went out. I frowned and quickly summoned Kitty. She purred in response and heightened my eyesight. Everything was much clearer, lighter and sharper. I could even see the energy the teens radiated.

“What the fuck?” Em and Seth cursed at the same time as the lights came back on only brighter and flashier. A guy in jeans and a blazer stepped in with a smirk on his face. People started to cheer at his arrival to which he returned with a smirk.

“Dane my man, how’s it going?” I heard him say through the excessive hearing. Ken doll looked up, not showing any emotion and shook the guy’s hand. “Any chicks available?” Dane shook his head and chuckled deeply.

“Men,” I muttered, turned back to Seth and Em who exchanged looks and shrugged. Just when I was about to say something, the guy with the flashy appearance screamed out a few words.

“Ladies, gentlemen, thank you for coming to yet another party with yours truly,” He stopped for applause. “Now, as you know, a Flynn Avis party doesn’t commence without a childish game, today’s game being seven minutes in heaven!” some groaned, some cheered. I took it as an opportunity to get someone in a closet, drink and get the fuck out.

“Anyone playing, please head to the game room, and ladies, Dane and I will be playing,” with a wink, he walked off to what I suspected was the game room. I followed behind along with Em, Seth, Charlotte, Sapphire and the brunette. I hadn’t found out her name.

As we entered the game room, Em and Seth was gobsmacked. A full screen plasma TV on the wall with different types of consoles and games, hundreds of sport equipment, table tennis, everything a man could ever want was there. The jealousy was clearly obvious as it radiated from Em and Seth.

“Ah, I see Lottie, Sapph and Jade have invited a few newbies,” Flynn Avis stated, walking towards us. Em and Seth raised their brows and nodded, Seth pulling Charlotte closer to her surprise and Em lazily swinging his arms around Sapphire and Jade’s shoulders. Jade turned a bright shade of red while Sapphire rolled her eyes and elbowed him in the rib. They were clearly getting cosy with each other.

“Who might this pretty lady be?” I raised my brow at his question and eyed his hand that he had put out for me to shake. Ken doll noticed and looked up with a smirk but it quickly wiped of as he saw me. ‘That wiped the smile of his face, bastard,’ I thought, amused.

“None of your business,” I said, giving the Flynn Avis guy a hard glare. He winced at the intensity of my glare but didn’t give up. Stubborn or persistent, I didn’t know which one he was. I only knew that I didn’t like him. He radiated a man-whore’s energy along with a conniving and mysterious guy.

“You’re in my house doll, it just became my business,” he said with a triumphant smile. I smirked at his words and crossed my arms. He raised his brow but didn’t comment on my smirk.

“Oh, would you like me to step out doll?” I asked his daringly to which he didn’t answer. He rolled his eyes, his ego slightly deflated. Ken doll glared at me just before turning to the number of girls that crowded him. ‘Poor asswipe,’ I thought sarcastically.

“So, I suspect you all know how this game goes, someone spins an empty beer bottle, whoever it lands on, into the closest you go for seven minutes, you chose if it’s hell or not, if you do no kiss, and this is a new rule I’ve made up, you have to take at least two clothing off, understood?” people murmured in agreement, mostly guys who wanted the girls to strip. Who says there are no girls that wanted to see the guys in their naked glory? I do…

‘You’re such a pervert,’ Kitty muttered, Crim and Dev snickering at her comment. I chuckled to myself quietly, agreeing with Kitty. ‘Let’s get playing, Crim is getting snappy, she’s annoying when she’s hungry,’ she muttered, practically teasing Crim.

‘Shut up, you are worse than the green hulk when you don’t get a run, I get annoyed when I’m hungry, Dev gets annoyed when she doesn’t get to at least fly or do something creepy and slightly paranormal,” Crim answered sarcastically. Dev scoffed and Kitty snickered. Their arguments were entertaining but gave me headaches at times. It sucks.

‘Shut up you two, I’ll get you a drink and then we can have some proper fun,’ I scolded them and sat down on the floor with a bottle of beer I found. I opened it with my hand and chugged. Flynn Avis and Ken doll sat down next to each other.

Flynn Avis spun the bottle first and unluckily for him, it landed on Seth. Seth groaned and shook his head at Flynn who grimaced and took off his Rolex watch and shoes. Seth took of his shoes and bracelet I got him for his birthday. It was a friendship bracelet we all had.

“Oh darn it, I was hoping you’d take your cardigan off!” a girl cursed under her breath.  Charlotte frowned at the comment but didn’t say anything off it. The girl obviously had developed a crush on Seth during the Facebook chatting. I wondered how she would have reacted if Seth was a fat, bald man living in his mother’s basement and put a picture of a random model as a profile picture.

It was Ken doll’s turn. He spun the bottle and anxiously watched the bottle slowly stop. Everyone looked up at the girl who was chugging beer like she was Nemo. That girl looked back at them with a careless smirk. That girl was Chanel Bandeaux.

I got up and stood at the closet door. I opened the door and curtsied teasingly. ‘Ladies first,’ I thought as he rolled his eyes at my actions and entered the closet. He must have thought it was his lucky night because despite our argument earlier, there was an excited smirk on his face.

The door was closed after we entered and a small bulb was turned on as we entered. Ken doll stared at me, I stared at him. He had a lustful look in his eyes, I’m sure my eyes mirrored his; we were not lusting after the same thing though.

I didn’t leave time for small talks; I leaned in and gave him a kiss. He kissed back eagerly with a triumphant energy coming off him. He was about to move to kissing my neck but I took the chance and moved my lips to his neck. He gasped as my cold lips touched his neck and clutched my arm tightly. ‘Poor bastard,’ I thought with no trace of sympathy or hesitance.

I trailed my tongue on his neck until I found the whereabouts of his jugular. I could hear his blood pumping. His eyes were closed awaiting my kisses. My lips curled into a smirk at his face, so innocent and vulnerable. My eyes were reddening as I got closer and closer to his neck.

Crim was slowly taking control. My canines were slowly getting longer and sharper. I didn’t wait for the satisfaction of teasing and torturing him. I went for the kill. I sunk my fangs into his neck.

‘Oh sweet, metallic blood,’ I thought, sighing in relief. He tried to fight me, he really did. He even tried to push me away but he failed. After struggling, which actually made it painful for him because the more he struggled; my fangs were ripping his neck skin.

Even with a foul attitude like his, his blood was sweet and metallic. ‘I love blood,’ Crim giggled as I consumed more blood. I didn’t know how humans found it repulsing that we liked the taste of blood. It tastes awesome and was much more filling than a burger or burrito. It lightened my mood just by drinking it.

‘Ok, stop, you’re going to kill the guy,’ Rational thoughts came back into my mind and I was forced to move away from his neck. He gasped as I moved away from him, his eyes glazed in fear and shock. He backed away from me nervously and hit the wall. It was six minutes and I had a minute to wipe his memory.

“Wh-what are you?” I didn’t answer, I just moved forwards. He had his back to the wall as I had my face a few inches away from his. I could see my orbs turning bright silver through the reflection in his shiny eyes.

His posture because straighter and his skin paled. His eyes were turning silver like mine and he was slowly falling into submission. A golden twinkle appeared in his eyes and I knew he was mine. I knew I had wrapped around my fingers. ‘For now,’ I thought.

“Listen Ken doll,” I said, backing away from him slightly. “You won’t remember a thing about what happened,” he nodded automatically. “What you will remember is that…” I smirked at him with a glint in my silver eyes.

“You tried to make a move on me, I teased you and tricked you into thinking you won but…” he cocked his head in confusion. “I kicked you in the balls,” He scrunched up his nose in pain. He automatically cupped his balls.

“We’re coming in!” Flynn Avis yelled, the door slightly opening. I turned to look at Ken doll and smirked at his submissive appearance and stance. I nodded at him and clicked my fingers in an attempt to release him from my grasp.

“Ohh!” Ken doll screamed, cupping his balls and crouching to the ground. I smirked in satisfaction as the fang wound slowly faded. He glared at me, instinctively touching his neck as he probably felt a sting as it healed.

“What happened?” Flynn asked worriedly, going to his friend’s aid. Ken doll was unable to talk, slowly wheezing for air as he squinted his eyes hard. I could even notice a few tears plop down his flustered cheeks.

“She… kicked me… in the balls,” 

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