Chanel Bandeaux speaks her mind, her sarcasm has no limit and trouble always seems to find her wherever she went. She’s the girl with the predator look in her eyes, and her enemies are her prey. Expelled from her old school, her adoptive parents send her off to a school for delinquents with her best friends. Chanel isn’t normal. She is what people describe as feral.

Dane Emesto isn’t someone people wanted to cross. He’s the tall-dark-handsome type who can’t help but attract trouble and girls. A player and a fighter, he’s known the delinquent college to be his second home. A place where he’s respected, or feared in most cases. He liked the reputation he had as the bad boy, but when Chanel steps in and takes his position away, he’s angered. He doesn’t want to admit that compared to her, he’s an angel. Despite the hate he had for her, he couldn’t help but he lured in by her enigmatic behaviour. He wants to know the reason to her coldness is.


2. Chapter One

~Chanel Bandeaux~

                “Emerson, Chanel, your behavior has been appalling in the last four years,” Jeff started off calmly and slowly as if he was talking to a child. I rolled my eyes at his hesitance whilst Em played with the lolly pop in his mouth.

                “Appalling? Their shenanigans are worse than appalling! Utterly disgusting!” Vivien interjected in her usual nasal know-it-all voice. Em snorted at her words while I rolled my eyes once again. She sees herself to be a great wife for her upcoming husband. I already felt sorry for him, having to put up with her uptight ass was horrible enough with her as an adoptive sister; just imagine having to sleep next to her too. She would probably complain at the first sight of untucked shirt.

                “First of all darling, no teenager our age uses the word shenanigans, it makes you sound like an uptight bitch,” I stopped for effect. “Oh wait, you are, my bad,” Cue ‘my bad’ chuckle. “And two, didn’t your mother teach you it’s rude to interrupt?” Her face immediately flushed as she noticed what she had done. She was strict for rules and guidelines. She had often told me it’s rude to interrupt so you can guess that it felt good to throw her words at her.

                “Never took you for a hypocrite Viv,” her face turned red at Em’s word. She didn’t really know how to hide how she felt about Em. She had a huge crush on his ever since he got adopted. One of the main reasons she hated me was because Em and I were close, too close for her comfort. It’s obvious that she knows what we do in our spare time. I guess that makes me a monster for sleeping with my ‘sister’s’ crush.

                “Back to the subject at hand, you two have done nothing but cause trouble in this town, your mother—“Jeff stopped to correct his words when he saw the stern glares on our faces. He cleared his throat as if to clear to tension. “We have made the tough decision of sending you to a delinquent school,” He trailed off as if waiting for one of us to snap and one of us did, it wasn’t me.

                “What? What about Dean? This is where my life is! You can’t make me go!” Em’s short fuse had gone off and he was once again lashing out. I rolled my eyes at his actions. It was very predictable for him to do seeing as he hated moving around.

                “Yes, we have considered that and we have managed to convince Seth’s parents to send him off to the delinquent school as well,” Jeff said in as less calmer voice. Vivien eyed me carefully as if she was trying to find out what I was thinking.

                “Calm down Em, this will be cool, remember how we wanted to be with kids like us?” I asked him with a serene voice that was coated in calming sedation. He nodded numbly and scooted closer to me. As if on reflex, my hands wrapped around his shoulder and pulled him closer. He was like a kitten. Cute, seemingly harmless and easily impressed.

                “We’ll talk about after you get a rest,” I mumbled to him and pulled him up. He was already half way asleep which showed that the sedation was already kicking in. Ah, the power of a vampire.

                He stood up and dragged his own body to his bedroom, I stayed over for a while watching Vivien with a smug look as she shamelessly eyed Em’s limp body. It wouldn’t have been strange that he wanted to go to sleep once again seeing as he just woke up despite it being in the afternoon.

                He was dressed in his normal sleeping attire which was just a PJ bottom and wet hair. As strange as it seemed, he had said and I quote ‘It feels nice when I wake up to a wet pillow,’ Strange kid, but who am I to judge? I’m not exactly Miss Normality.

                “Back to the subject at hand,” I mocked Jeff’s voice but no one seemed amused. It wasn’t even my intentions to amuse them anyways. “I guess all I can say is…” I trailed off holding the smirk on my face. It was clear that they thought I was going to snap.

                “Thanks, I mean for convincing Dean’s parentals to go to school with us, that was cool of you,” I turned around and sprinted up the stairs, leaving them in a shocked stance. It wasn’t everyday ‘Chanel the Bad girl’ shows her gratitude, especially to two of the most ignorant and obnoxious people she knows.

                How did I feel about the move? I didn’t really know. It gave me a chance to explore a new area and look for Forrest. I wondered if he had grown. ‘Is he the same old cute kid I knew and loved?’ Of course, it was a fraternal love. I didn’t know anything else other than fraternal love at the age of thirteen. I had been hidden from the real world for thirteen years after all, more or less.

                Who knew? Maybe he had grown up to become a delinquent and was studying at the delinquent school. Who knew if he even remembered a mere hybrid named Chanel? Surely ending up stranded in an unfamiliar territory isn’t something you can forget but would he remember the girl who saved him from execution? Who knew? Who knew if he had gotten the memories of his parents back or his destiny for that matter?

                Not I but I’m supposed to know. I was supposed to be his protector. Daddy told me himself that I had to protect Forrest with all my might. He was the future of the feline kingdom. I was the most powerful being there. It made perfect sense why dad, mum and the royals had so much faith in me when it came to protecting their future king but I had failed to find him, let alone protect. What kind of protector was I? A horrible one of course.

                A cheetah’s roar shook me out of my trance. It appeared that I had gotten a mail but from who? I had the occasional facebook friends who I rarely talked to at school but would could have been mailing me? Surely no one could have been mailing me from school seeing as class hasn’t ended yet.

                I pushed the questions back and walked towards my apple laptop. I grabbed it and took it to my laptop towards my bed. I dropped the laptop on the bed and plopped down. I raised the laptop up and signed in to my computer.


                Miss Chanel Alexander Bandeaux,

We are delighted to inform you that if you can find Prince Forrest, you have your gateway to the Feline Kingdom. Our researchers have discovered that Prince Forrest and you were born with identical birthmarks that work as a key but it appears that they only work when you’re together. It appears that Prince Forrest has tried to use the birthmark to exit the mortal realm but failed with fatal injuries.

If you remember Jinx, she has managed to consult the oracle and it is shown that Prince Forrest is close by. If you do remember Jinx, you would know that she is quiet the enigma and would rather give small clues that give things away.

Your job, as Prince Forrest’s protector is to find him and with his consent, come back to the Feline Kingdom. We advise you that you shouldn’t pressure him into moving back to the feline world and give him time to regain his memories back.

Yours sincerely,
The Feline Association Elders.

                Out of all the things on the letter I had received, I only made out three words that brought joy back into my heart.

                Forrest is alive.

Fast Forward.

                “You’re in an awfully good mood today,” Em muttered while getting in the car. I got in the car next to Vivien who shifted away from me with a look on her face that made her uglier than usual but I chose to ignore her and turned my attention to Em.

                “Well, I got an email… I’ll tell you about it later, right now I’m looking forwards to having the house all to ourselves,” I winked at Em who grinned and wiggled his eyebrows oblivious of Vivien’s glare on me. It wasn’t even my intention to piss her off... Oh, ok I am always looking for ways to piss her off.

                “FYI, you’re not going to have the house all to yourself, Seth and that police officer is going to go with you,” Our heads snapped to Vivien. I raised my brow waiting for her to continue. “You couldn’t have thought that mum and dad would let you three live alone? Oh god no! Think of the havoc you would cause! Oh no, no, no, Declan and his partner Duncan are coming with you!” I shrugged carelessly at what she had said while Em frowned and sent a glare at Vivien who cringed under his glare.

                “What are they going to do? Keep us away? It’s pretty clear that we are masters at sneaking around, and anyways, I know that Jeff wouldn’t put them in the same house as us, maybe next door or something but not the same house. Declan would oppose against that,” that had wiped the smirk off her smug face and put the smirk back on Em’s face.

                “Oh guys! We forgot to tell you that those police officers are coming with you, they’ll be living next door, what was their name?” Jeff walked in with his wife. “Oh yea, Declan and Duncan!” he exclaimed just after entering the car.

                “Why is Vivien coming with us? Last time I checked she didn’t understand the concept of trouble,” I said earning a spiteful glare from her. Jeff wasn’t affected by it seeing as it was a usual thing.

                “We’re dropping her off at the clinic; there are chances that she has chlamydia,” Em’s and my eyes bulged at what Jeff had just said. He didn’t sound pleased about it either. Vivien’s face turned crimson and she looked down in shame.

                “Who did you get it from?” Em asked nosily earning a sharp glare from Jeff. “Who was it?” he encouraged but she didn’t budge. I tried to recoil my memories of her with a man… or a women. The only person she brought over was her best friend Jemima.

                Jemima was a pretty relaxed, down to earth kind of girl. We were friends. She usually tried to encourage Vivien to get out more and live life while she can. We play good cop, bad cop with me being the bad cop. Mimi encourages Vivien to chill nicely; I do it the harsh way.

                “You didn’t fuck Mimi, did you?” I asked bluntly but the disgust in her face answered my question. “Hey, at least it’s not terminal,” I grabbed my i-Pod and plugged my ear phones in. I could hear Em and Vivien chatting, well Vivien attempting to strike a conversation about college through my excess hearing. It was so sad that Em didn’t plan on going to college or Uni for that matter.

                ‘How do you feel about Forrest’s survival?’ the cat inside me asked thoughtfully. Her voice held authority yet kindness you wouldn’t find in my other creatures. ‘I’m quite happy, I missed the little pimp, I wonder if he remembers us,’ she chirped happily.

                ‘So did I, does this mean that we have to search for him? Jeff made it pretty clear that he would send us back to the orphanage if we keep on searching for an ‘non-existing’ man, what a dick,’ I said to her, my fingers strumming on my bare thigh. My throat was starting to feel parched and the fact that I had been deprived of blood for a week wasn’t doing justice.

                “Em,” The tone of my voice was enough to show him that I was blood deprived. My voice was slightly raspy and constricted. I was once again asking for a huge favour from him and he knew it. He instinctively touched his neck and looked me straight in the eye.

                I knew if I was deprived for too long, I would go on a blood lusted rampage. All the exposed necks of hormonal teenagers. Teenagers were the easiest targets but their blood doesn’t always leave a lasting impression. Adults though, have matured and have strong blood cells. It would last me for at least three month, more or less but sadly, adults are too stubborn. Teenagers would follow you just because of curiosity and adrenaline. The hormones add a little touch too.

               “Can’t, you have to ask Seth,” I frowned but nodded. I couldn’t force him, that would have been equivalent to rape. Chances were that Seth would run off and come back after he’s assured I’ve been fed. He had a fear of fainting. It made him feel dead. Ironically, he really can’t feel anything if he had fainted.

                “Right, like Seth would sit around and provide that, I’ll have to make do with either Dec or Duncan but chances are Duncan would be his stubborn self and Dec would take it the wrong way,” Em shook his head and shifted his eyes towards Vivien who looked disgusted. She had thought we were talking about sex.

                “I advise you to not try anything with them, that’s quite revolting,” Jeff said, giving me a pointed look through the mirror. I rolled my eyes and waited for Em’s response to what I had said.

                “Fine, but during our bonding time,” ‘Bonding time’ was what we called our bang-bang time. He had an amused look on his face but beneath it, he had the look of discomfort. I shook my head at his kindness and instinctively licked my lips.

                “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,” my voice was low enough for only him to hear. He shivered and nodded with a small smile. I gave him a tight grin and looked out the window so I didn’t have to gaze at the exposed necks. The sound of their heart beats was tempting enough. Bare skin was torture.

                “Do we start school today?” Thank goodness I had excessive hearing or I wouldn’t have heard Em’s question. The heart beats were so loud and tempting as if they were begging me to drain every pint of blood. I could practically hear the blood rushing back and fro the heart and lungs. It wasn’t a wonder why I was so focused in Health class when we were learning about the cardiovascular system. I partly lived on the blood created during the cardiovascular cycle.

                “No, we want you three to get used to the area before school, you’re starting school on Monday, you have at least two to three days to get used to the town,” Gisela said while taking out two booklets from her pocket. She passed them towards us and slumped into her chair.

                “I just noticed something, this ‘delinquent’ school isn’t really legitimate, everyone knows delinquent schools are really juvie and this school clearly isn’t juvie because the students have their freedom, what kind of school is you taking us to Jefferson?” I asked mockingly as I remembered the living arrangements.

                “Research had shown that majority of kids at delinquent schools dislike the feeling of confinement and thought it would have been a superb idea to give students some sort of freedom while having them under the supervision of parents or simply guardians,” Vivien pointed out while checking her perfectly manicured nails over and over again. “Honestly in my opinion, that is an appalling idea, the students are delinquents, they need discipline not the ability to roam the towns freely without restraint, that is basically a comparison to letting a couple of feral wild animals loose,” she pointed out while looking at me with a satisfied smirk.

                “Is this Vivien showing that she doesn’t agree with research? My, my, I am truly shocked, Emerson I think I’m about to pass out!” I exclaimed dramatically while giving her a careless look. Emerson snickered at this but quietened down when Jeff pushed his chair back to show his dislike of our actions. “I think research finally got something right, maybe they are starting to understand the adolescent mind, took them a long time,” I murmured while putting my attention back on the song and booklet.

                ‘You know Chanel, I think your brain cells are getting fucked out of you,’ Devona commented wittily, her voice holding so much sarcasm if I had been a sensitive ‘person’, I would have been in tears. Ladies and gentlemen, the power of a demon’s voice.

                ‘Why do you say that?’ I asked casually, ignoring her ‘hurtful’ ways. She murmured something incoherent –possibly insults- and proceeded with her reasons for calling me dumb.

                ‘Well, while you were lusting over blood and thinking about the cardiovascular system, I had been rethinking a few things,’ Witty was Devona’s middle name. She lived up to it as well.

                ‘You forgot Devona that we share the same mind,’ she was a bit forgetfully at times though. For a smart demon, she sometimes appears to be slightly dumb.

                ‘Whatever rocks your boat, back to the subject at hand, have you bothered thinking about how the Feline Elders’ managed to get our address? I for one am pretty sure they didn’t look around for a Chanel Bandeaux or Forrest Archer and if they knew where Forrest was, why hadn’t they taken him into the Feline kingdom other than have us do it?’ her questions were truthful. There was no way they had just managed to find me.

                ‘There is only one way to know our address and that is if someone told them or they had hacked into the American Database, I doubt it’s the second one, there must be someone who knows me and knows how to contact the Feline kingdom,’ I said to her, instinctively moving my tongue around my canine.

                ‘Here’s my theory, I think they had been looking for us after the little act of rebellion those werewolves put on dimmed down but failed to find us, or they might have found us and hired those pesky guardians’ to watch over us,’ She paused making a strange humming sound. ‘Who could they possibly hire as a guardian? Declan is too dumb, Vivien is too distant, Em is too friendly, Seth is too weird, who could it possibly be?’ She wasn’t talking to me anymore; she was talking to all of us.

                ‘You left out the two stooges, Jeff and Gisela,’ my eyes bulged at what Crim had said. I couldn’t believe Jeff and Gisela could possibly be aware of what I was. They were too clueless and annoying.

                ‘Na, they couldn’t be it but come to think of it, Jemima could have been one, she seemed aware of everything, remember when you accidentally fell down and scratched your elbow but after two minutes, it had disappeared? She didn’t seem to be curious or nervous, just neutral,’ I couldn’t imagine Jemmy as a guardian. She was too sweet and nice to be a guardian. Guardians, despite their name are horrible and annoying pests. They won’t leave you alone. They would pester you and try to know everything about you to be you. They would start dressing like you, eating what you eat, loving the ones you love, until you can get them arrested for identity theft. They would become you.

                ‘No! No way! She’s nice! Guardians are dimwits! No way could she be a guardian!’ I objected in denial, unable to see the truth. All three of them chuckled and tutted at my actions, all of them mockingly. It gave me a headache to have three voices in my head creating loud sounds.

                ‘Guardians used to be called Concealers you know, they can pretend to be someone else, most of the actors and actresses are guardians disguised as other people, no one really knows if Angelina Jolie is a guardian or not, how long have we known Jemima for?’ Crim asked with a voice of wisdom in her voice.

                ‘Well Vivien and Jemima became friends two months before, I really don’t understand why they still hired Guardians, wait, and does this mean that there is a guardian with Forrest?’ The lack of blood and the point that they were all talking at the same time was making things hard for me. Sharp pains erupted in my head making every one of them quiet down and notice that the aggressiveness was taking its position in my mind.

                ‘Sorry fella,’ they didn’t make a peep after the apology. I snatched the earphones out of my ears and chucked them into my pocket. Vivien and Em noticed my aggressive mood and sunk down to their chairs. No one wanted to be noticed when I was angry.

                “Vivien, do you have Jemima’s number?” She mutely nodded and handed me her phone. I was certain that Jemima had something to do with Guardians. Her careless attitude towards my little slip ups were too suspicious to be ignored. Ironically, I had ignored the signs.

                I scrolled through Vivien’s phone, found her contacts and found Jemima’s number under Jemmy Boo. Who calls their best friend Jemmy Boo? It sounded like something an old lady or a mother would call a child or a dog. I almost felt back for Jemima.

                “Hello?” Unlike how I usually reacted to her voice, I grimaced at her slightly raspy voice. It didn’t sound melodic anymore, it sounded monstrous but then I could have been jumping to conclusions. The thing was that I wasn’t one to have my conclusions turn out to be false. If I was sure about something, it was usually true.

                “Do you know a Forrest Archer?” She probably hadn’t recognised my voice but maybe she had. She might have been a Guardian after all. They recognised everything about their protectee.

                “No Elle, who is that?” The nosiness and anticipation was clear in her voice. Guardians wanted to know new information from their protectee’s. She was excited to know that I was sharing a new ‘juicy’ secret with her.

                “How did you know it was me Jemima?” She stayed quiet for a moment but decided to answer. Unfortunately for her, she chose the wrong answer in her case.

                “That’s how people like you sound when you’re thirsty,” I could have practically whooped but I was partially angered at what I had found out.

                “Where is Forrest Archer?” I asked again only my voice was much more stern and angered. She whimpered slightly but cleared her throat as if to regain her composure. “Jemima, you know very well what I’m capable of, if you don’t tell me where Forrest is, I will harm you and your little group of conniving pests,” my voice was low and only Vivien and Em heard it but decided not to comment for their own safety. Smart move. Meanwhile, Jemima started to stutter and murmur incoherent words.

                “Ugh, the last time the F.E.A managed to track Forrest Archer down was in London, Manchester, that was two years ago, we don’t know where he is right now,” She seemed annoyed other than scared. She knew too much about me and how I acted. She was technically becoming me. It would have ended horribly if Devona didn’t point out the issue.

                “Does this mean I lose this job?” She sounded pissed out by then but then who was I to care how she was? She was manipulating me into giving her information about everything. Her kind was the supernatural version of therapists.

                “What do you think?” 

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