Live Young

Leonna is just a normal girl.. But when her and her 2 sisters arrive at a park on a normal day, she turns into an extraordinary person. She met the person she's always wanted to. Never say never. Keep your dreams alive, to LIVE YOUNG.


3. Rides & texts



The sun was going down,

"Need a ride?" Liam asked.

"Yeah, sure!" Lara said.

We walked to their car.

Liam opened the door for Isabelle,

Harry opened the door for Lara,

And Niall and Zayn raced to open the door for ME.

But Louis got there first and opened it for me.

"Thanks." I said.

"No problem, love." Louis said.

Louis was a sweet man.

Liam drove,

Louis was in the front seat,

Isabelle, Harry & Lara were in the middle row.

I was with Niall & Harry.

The whole ride was silent.

I broke the silence,

"Where do you guys live?" I asked.

"On a flat, big flat. But we have separate flats but the same building," Zayn said.
"Oh, cool." I said.

"You should visit me once, " Niall said while he was winking.

Zayn groaned.

"Where do you guys exactly live?" Liam asked.

" 107 Darlington, a flat where us girls live, but I'm moving.." I said.

"Oh. Okay. We'll drop you guys off there." Louis said.

Isabelle & Lara kept quiet.

10 minutes later, we're at the flat.


Lara was just beautiful. I'm not gonna let this girl go, this girl is a keep.

We got off and entered their flat.

I opened the door for the girls, like a gentleman I am.

"Thanks, Hazza!" Lara said.

I smiled.

We got inside, it was so elegant. Not the most, just a normal 19 year old girls flat.

There was 3 bathrooms. 3 bedrooms.

I didn't want to be those men who ask girls to go out with them when they just met. No.

I'm gonna be good friends with Lara first.

"Harry, Liam, guys, wanna watch The Scary Movie 4?" Isabelle asked.

"Sure!" Louis yelled like a kid.


~ <3

AUTHOURS NOTE: The next chapter will have alot of love scenes! Things are gonna get more exciting!! <3

Btw this Fanfic is dedicated to my friends, haha. We'll always be dreaming of meeting 1D.


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