Live Young

Leonna is just a normal girl.. But when her and her 2 sisters arrive at a park on a normal day, she turns into an extraordinary person. She met the person she's always wanted to. Never say never. Keep your dreams alive, to LIVE YOUNG.


1. Just another day

Leonna's POV.

"Leonna! Leonna!" My sister Isabelle said.

"Whaaaaaaaat?" I said grumpily.

"Let's go to the beach!" Isabelle said.

"Let's go to the beach-each let's get away, they say what they gonna say." I said.

"NOOO. Seriously. Come on, it's a perfect day to get outside in shorts and tank tops," Isabelle said.

"FINE. Just let Lara come to.." I said.

Ugh. Sisters always gon' be sisters.

I went to my room, saw my perfect bed with posters on the wall. One Direction posters.

I put on a tank top, cross bracelets, shorts & white sandals.

"Leo! Leonna!" Lara called.

"Yes?" I said through the door.

"What should I wear? Tank top or a bikini over a tanktop?" Lara said.

"Tank top over a bikini." I said.

No reply.

I started putting my hair in a perfect bun, no messy parts, it was just, perfect.

I got my sunglasses on.

Went downstairs, I saw my sisters into summer-y clothes, because it is summer, of course.

"Let's go." I said.

We walked outside, to the door, went inside the car.

Unlocked the car, drove to the Beach.

We we're quite american, for a british family like us. Our hair was brunette but Isabelle's hair was Brunette w/ blonde tips.



We were driving to the beach, Like Niall said, it was a perfect time to go to the beach.

We got there, we got outta' our car and went to the water.

"Lads, see any chicks?" Harry said.

Liam groaned.

"I DO! I DO!" Niall yelled.

Niall pointed at 3 girls with brunette hair.

"Lads.. Let's meet em', shall we?" Niall said with his fine accent.

They walked to the girls, beautiful.

"Helloooo!" Zayn said.

Louis, Liam & Harry kept quiet..

The 3 girls took off their sunglasses.

" WHAT. IT'S ONE DI- " The other girl with brunette hair with blonde tips said, but Louis cut her off.

" Shh... I am Louis, and what's your name? " Louis asked.

" Isabelle. We're british, from England. " Isabelle said.

Louis smilled.

"And what's your name, sweetie?" Niall smiling at Leonna.

"Leonna.." Leonna said.

Zayn stared at Niall, as if he was jealous of getting the girl's name first.

"And what's your name, precious?" Harry asked Lara.

"Lara." Lara said while smiling..

After they introduced, they walked together down the beach...


~ <3

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