Live Young

Leonna is just a normal girl.. But when her and her 2 sisters arrive at a park on a normal day, she turns into an extraordinary person. She met the person she's always wanted to. Never say never. Keep your dreams alive, to LIVE YOUNG.


2. First jealously


I like Leonna so much. We just met but I think it's the birds singing who's telling me. ( HAHA. CORNY. )

"Leonna, Can you please come with me?" I asked.

"Where?" Leonna asked.

"Somewhere, come on." I said while grabbing her hand.

Leonna just stared,if like she looked like she was looking at an Angel.

"Leonna, here's my number. I want you to call me." I said.

Leonna just stared,

"I will call." She said smiling & running of to the other lads.

No way. Just absolutely no way.


What? What did Niall just ask? Did he.. No.

I ran to the others, like nothing happened.

"What's up, Leonna?" Isabelle asked.

"Yeah, what happened over there?" Lara asked.

Zayn just had a mad look on his face.

Niall comes in,

"Hiiiiiii!" Niall says.

"Come here niall." Zayn said.

Zayn grabbed Niall's hand.

They went to a place I don't even know..



"Niall, boy. Leonna, I like her so back off." I said very seriously.

"I like her. And she will be MINE." Niall said furiously.
I pushed Niall to the wall.

"We never had this convo', now, Leonna's mine, so back off okay?" I said and wondered off to the others.


~ <3

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