Imperfect Just May Be Enough

A girl named Katarina has some major problems. She "lost" her deceased grandmas precious 24kt necklace. Precious as in has been in the family for many generations. Not to mention she is a liar,cheater,stealer..... do I need to go on? Join Katarina as we follow her on her amazing adventure that shows the bad and good side to all of her problems that leads her to think imperfect just may be enough.


10. What Will Happen?

 Dad picked me up, and I was scared half to death. There was no possible way I could have passed that quiz, I was doomed. And Aaron wasn't exactly helping my situation. Suddenly, my phone buzzed.

E - Hey, how's it going?

K - Not much, I'm just freaking out!

E - Why? What happened? Was it that Aaron guy?

 I couldn't tell her the real reason, she would never look at me the same way.

K - Uh....Sure.

E - I know, he was like stalking you! Maybe he has a crush on you!

K - NO!!!

E - Aaron and Katarina sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

K - Evelyn, shut up!!!!

E - Alright! I have to go

K - Bye, I have homework :(

E - Speaking of homework, I finished the Shakespeare paper for you. I'll give it to you tomorrow, bye

  I guess that is that. I let a huge moan escape from my lips. Why was my life so messed up? I stopped myself from thinking these thoughts. I might as well enjoy the last few seconds I have. Just to be safe I look over at Beijing sitting on my desk. He looks unharmed, at least that's fine. Suddenly, my butler comes bursting through with my super. She removes the top and reveals a sandwich. A SANDWICH. I was so shocked at what happened I almost ignored the note that is pinned to the side.

  Dear Katarina,

            If  you refuse to tell me where you have hid the necklace, you will be eating sandwiches until then. Happy supper.

                                                                                                                                                                                      - Your Father

  Wow, he's never going to get over that one is he? I push my sandwich aside distastefully and set out to find Rascal. I find him in the same place I always do, in his bed. I scoop him up in my arms and take him to my room. I lie him down on my bed and snuggle next to him. I jump back up when I realize I have to do my homework. Well, you know what I mean.

  I hop onto my computer and take my homework out. I open Yahoo! answers and copy my homework questions down. Seeing as it wasn't too bad having to do it in the morning I just left it. I sat on my bed once again and curled up to Rascal, letting my eyes drift shut. Thinking to myself: what will happen tomorrow?


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