Imperfect Just May Be Enough

A girl named Katarina has some major problems. She "lost" her deceased grandmas precious 24kt necklace. Precious as in has been in the family for many generations. Not to mention she is a liar,cheater,stealer..... do I need to go on? Join Katarina as we follow her on her amazing adventure that shows the bad and good side to all of her problems that leads her to think imperfect just may be enough.


3. The Jason Dilemma

  In the usual scenarios, big brothers are the talk of the family, but Jason couldn't be anymore invisible than he already is. I mean the stunt he pulled, he's still lucky he is still in this family, let alone alive. Imagine my fathers disappointment and anger when he realized that Jason was just pulling another one of his "pranks". 

  When my brother pulled his prank I was only a baby then but hearing about it made me just as angry as my parents were when it happened.

  My parents told me it took place during a dark, stormy night. I wouldn't stop crying and Jason was complaining about his game lagging endlessly. Just to add to everybodies misery, the lights had went out.. We all held hands(except for my father who held me) and sat against the closest wall we could find. My mom whispered,"It's going to be okay." She panicks not knowing Jason's presence anymore. He was gone.

  My dad handed me over to mom and went into the kitchen to look for a flashlight.. Once he found one he flicked the switch from OFF to ON and shined it towards our direction. Jason was indeed missing. At that very second they heard footstep around the house. Dad shined the flashlight everywhere desperately searching for where the sound came from. He saw a shadow run across the dining room. Then suddenly, a person emerged out of the shadows, holding Jason with a knife to his neck.

  My parents screamed as the stranger pulled Jason away while laughing. They were so frightened. They cried for a while as they assumed Jason was dead. Dad turned his flashlight off and cuddled my mom and me. He heard another creak and frantically turned the flashlight on and my mom shrieked as they read what was written on the wall which they thought was human blood. It read: YOUR NEXT. My mom held me tight and sobbed even more. My mom screamed again because out of the corner of her eye she could make out the stranger that had Jason with a knife in his hand, dripping with blood. He headed toward my mother, the blade inches away from her when the lights flickered back on.

  Jason and the stranger laughed. My parents were confused then figured out what was happening. "JASON VERDE!!!!!! What are you doing? You scared me half to death and to think we actually CARED that you were dead!!!!" "Mom, it was just a prank, its not my fault that you cant take a joke." Jason had spattered " Just a.....JOKE!!!! You made us believe our life was in danger!!! You went past joke and went straight into life threatening!!!! You think this is funny????? Then you are punished for 2 months, so how FUNNY that is!!!" " But mom-" Dad interrupted Jason and said" No, your mothers right. Now go upstairs before we decide 2 months isn't enough." He pushed Jason upstairs and threw his friend out.

  Jason was responsible for cleaning up the blood that turned out to just be fake blood. Ever since, Jason has been a disgrace in our family. But honestly, would you act like he was still a goody two shoes after that?


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