Imperfect Just May Be Enough

A girl named Katarina has some major problems. She "lost" her deceased grandmas precious 24kt necklace. Precious as in has been in the family for many generations. Not to mention she is a liar,cheater,stealer..... do I need to go on? Join Katarina as we follow her on her amazing adventure that shows the bad and good side to all of her problems that leads her to think imperfect just may be enough.


18. I'm In


  This is the last chapter!!!


  I dropped my arms off of him and backed away. Why the hell would he be in the woods? "What are you doing here." I yelled at him. "I could ask you the same thing." he said. His voice was so.....deep. It's a little creepy. "If I remember correctly, you were that creep who was staring at me in school." I say coldly. "And if I remember correctly, you were the one who cheated in school." he says right back at me. "Well then, I think it's time for me to go." I say and walk away. "Wait!" he yells at me. "Come with me."

  He led me through about of random turns and twist. Anyway, I ended up at a weird looking building. " this?" I ask. "You'll see soon." he says. He opened the door for me and I stepped through.

  The building looked much larger inside. The floor tiles were marbled and the walls were painted a baby blue. There was an escalator that took me down to a bunch of hallways. We went through some more twist and turns until we were led straight down a hallway with a office at the end. "This is Mr.Craven's office. He's been expecting you." Expecting ME??? How does he even KNOW me!

  Seeing as I most likely don't have any choice, I open the doors to his office. I look around the room and notice him sitting at his desk in the corner. He  was kneeling over at his desk and doing a bunch of paper work. I scan the room again and notice his many bookcases full of many books. He must be one of those reading freaks.

  "Find something you like?" he ask me. I look at him questionably. "I mean the books of course." he says. "Not much of a reader." I admit sheepishly. I've never really been and it's something you can't really change. "I see, but you have other abilities I'm assuming." he says looking me up and down. "I bet you're wondering what you're doing here. This is a facility for kids with special abilities. Kids that help us complete top secret missions. So when Sean told me all about you I thought you had the potential..." he says. I raise my eyebrow at him. "OH! Pardon me. I mean....Aaron, is it?" he says. " his real name is Sean?" I ask. He nods.This is all just weird. Why would I be of interest to him? I'm nothing but an arrogant and stubborn child. How can I help at all? "He has told me all about how you cheated and I got a little interested considering you pulled it off for a while. And now that you've run off safe without getting caught, well lets just say you caught my eye." Wait, so he turned something I'm not proud of into something good? Something that can be useful? "So....I would like to offer you an opportunity. Join us. You could help us become capable of many things and help. So what do you say?" he ask. "I say this is crazy! What makes you think that I will ever join you?" I say coldly. "Well, you will be offered a room to sleep in. And seeing as you have nowhere else to go..." he says trailing off. He has a point. Maybe this would be fun. I could save peoples lives....I think. "Fine. I'm in."

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