Imperfect Just May Be Enough

A girl named Katarina has some major problems. She "lost" her deceased grandmas precious 24kt necklace. Precious as in has been in the family for many generations. Not to mention she is a liar,cheater,stealer..... do I need to go on? Join Katarina as we follow her on her amazing adventure that shows the bad and good side to all of her problems that leads her to think imperfect just may be enough.


7. Hook, Line, and Sinker

  "Okay students take your seats." my math teacher instructed us. Yep, this is the last period before I can finally go home. Everybody took their seats and waited for more instructions. "Everyone clear their desk, their will be a pop quiz." There were no groans because this wasn't just any class, it was a class of nerds. I obviously kept that remark to myself. We all waited patiently as the teacher passed us our quiz. I looked at the first question:

  Solve for z.


| -2 z| ≤ 10

Write a compound inequality like 1 < x < 3 or like x < 1 or x > 3. Use integers, proper fractions, or improper fractions in simplest form.

It's a good thing I know how to cheat because I have no idea how to answer the question!  I let my eyes wonder to the paper diagonal from me. Ian Sawyer put -5z ≤ 5 so I did the same thing. The quiz went like this the whole time until Mrs.Wing forces us to hand our papers to her. She then dismisses us to leave.

  I meet Evelyn at my locker. " So when will we have our tutor session? Same time as usual?" She ask. I give her a nod. I open my mouth to tell about my school day but Evelyn's phone buzzes, distracting both of us. She pulls her phone out of her pocket and fiddles with it. "Actually can we have the tutor session now? My parents decided today was our monthly family night." She groans after she says it. She hates family nights so she gets cranky when it happens every month. "Sure, my dad can give you a lift if you want." Her face lightens up a little. "THANK YOU!!!! Anything to get rid of my family!" At least I don't have to be alone with my dad. I patiently wait while she calls her mom. She slips her phone back in her pocket. Okay, ready. Let's go!"

  My father pulled out his keys and opened the door. We survived the car ride home but my father seemed a bit angry when he realized he was having a guest coming home with us. Why should I care, he's always cranky. Evelyn says hi to my parents and we both head upstairs to my bedroom. She pulls out her English homework and sits close to me on my bed. "So which part are you having trouble with?" She ask. I put on my dumb face and answer. "Everything! I just need somebody to explain the question to me." She looks down at the paper and studies it."Mercutio is considered to be one of Shakespeare's great creations, yet he is killed relatively early in the play. What makes Mercutio so memorable a character?' she sighs. "What do you think the answer is?" I thought about the answer long and hard. What would make the most sense? "Well maybe he made some sort of difference in the story." That one was just a guess but it could have easily been the answer. "Okay, you're on to something. Explain just a little more into it. Like how does he help in the story? What does he help? What difference does he make?" This is the next stage in getting the paper done for me. " I just don't get it, I have no clue!" She glances back down at the question and sighs."I guess I could just write something up for you....maybe it will get me out of family night." Piece of cake. Now I just had to worry about other homework. "Well, thanks for trying to help me Evelyn. I know, I'm so useless" I look down with disappointment all over my face waiting for her to say something. "No you're not, you just need some help. Well, I'll see you later." She comes closer to me and hugs me. She calls her mom to pick her up. After a few minutes she leaves.

  I hop onto my laptop and open yahoo answers. I pull out my math homework and type in all of the questions. Sooner or later I will get an answer from some random person across the world. So now that my math homework is done I have so much free time. What to do........




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