1D life

it is funny sad happy cool awesome and read it to see who Dani Roberts dates in 1D life!


1. What gets me inside

Dani`s  P.O.V.

Well like three years ago my best friend Liam left to be on the X Factor. That made me feel sad , mad , the feelings when someone you are close to leaves. Now that makes me lonely. Well now he is in a band called One Direction. I even think he forgot about me , Alexia , Drake ,and  Sarah! HE JUST TEXTED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE TEXTED SAID " Come meet the band today a 6:00 at the X Factor". He never forgot about me :)!          Sarahs`s P.O.V.

Well what gets me inside is I used to date Liam before he left I still love him. As I was walking I saw a croud of girls around Liam! * running through crowd * " Liam!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled " Sarah?!" our eyes met and I felt happy again!

                                          Alexia`s P.O.V.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harry, and Zayn are in my store!!!!! What should I say in front of them? "Hi im Alexia I was one of Liams Best Friends." I said. that was so stupid. " Come with us". Harry said in a nice tone.

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