The Prince

This is the before story of a book I wrote in my spare time I'm not gonna keep writing this but if you want the after story that you don't have to read this for leave a comment. Thanks!

Awesome Person


2. The Mission

" Come with me." The knight says forgetting about the Prince. He leads me to a little house. We enter to see an old lady sitting at a table with a silver ball. " Ingrid tell me about this girl." The knight asks. Ingrid looks at her ball and up at me.


" This is Navy Dauntless Skyena. She is from the Sunny Orphanage. She is quiet and is very smart. She learned to fight in her spare time."

" Thank you Ingrid." I stare. She just told him all about me. The knight walks out and I have no choice but to follow him. He leads me to the Castle. I gape at the wonderful architecture as we walk past and into a small building. A small fire burns in one corner of the room. Weapons line the walls and unfinished ones sit on work benches.


" Pick a weapon." He tells me.

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