The Prince

This is the before story of a book I wrote in my spare time I'm not gonna keep writing this but if you want the after story that you don't have to read this for leave a comment. Thanks!

Awesome Person


3. The Journey

I stare at the elaborate wall of weapons. I pick up a small sword and a bow. He leads me out of the armory and into another small building. 

" Show me what you've got." He says pointing to some straw dummies. I hold the sword and practice a few basic moves. I take the bow and shoot the heart, neck and eye of the dummy. " Good follow me." He takes me to a small cabin. " Your all alone right?" He asks. 


" Yes Sir."


" Would you ever consider going to find Prince Raguna?" 


" Why me, I barely have any experience?" I ask VERY surprised.


" You have potential and is knights are to scared to go to The Dwarf Kings castle."


" Uh... I guess I don't really have a choice."


" Ok come with me."


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