The Prince

This is the before story of a book I wrote in my spare time I'm not gonna keep writing this but if you want the after story that you don't have to read this for leave a comment. Thanks!

Awesome Person


4. The Horse

He leads me to a stable. A few horses are in the little rooms.

" Pick one for your journey." I look a the horses I decide on a smaller grey horse. " Name him." I look at the little horse he's a shadow to all the others.


" Shadow." 


" Good now we will get your uniform." I follow him out of the stables and into yet another small building. It's a tailoring shed. The knight walks over to one of he ladies. I can't hear what they say but they point to me. She walks up and measures me. Before I know it I'm dragged into a fitting room with some clothes. I put the clothes on. It's a navy blue t shirt with a black jacket cape and scarf with black jeans and a belt.


" You'll wear this for disguise, you never know what you'll come across." I nod he leads me out and tells me to wait outside while he gets some stuff. While I'm waiting I l think about why I did this why I just went along with the knight. Then I remember. At the orphanage Miss Vernanda always told us stories about children when they didn't say yes to the knight. She said it was to " teach " us but I think she just got a thrill out of scaring children.



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