The Prince

This is the before story of a book I wrote in my spare time I'm not gonna keep writing this but if you want the after story that you don't have to read this for leave a comment. Thanks!

Awesome Person


1. Running

I run. I don't once look back. After about 5 minutes of nonstop sprinting I get tired and sit at the trunk of a large tree. My shaky hands pull out my small water bottle from my rucksack. I take a small sip and put it back in my bag. I have to keep going and save my resources. My dress is torn and tattered and my hair is tangled from the wind. I know nobody will look for me. I'm just am orphan... I stand up and look around. I'm in the woods next to the orphanage. I can tell by the types if birds flying around. Ms. Vernanda says these birds only come to our village in the fall. I stand up and co time my trek to the kingdom. 


About two hours later I stand in front of the kingdom. It's so happy and peaceful... hopefully I will be here for a while. I walk into the village. The peacefulness abruptly ends when a knight runs into the village.

" The Dwarf King took the Prince!" He walks up to me. " You! What's your name?" He asks.

" Im Navy Sir." I say quietly. 

" How old are you?" He asks.

" Im 15."


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