Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


24. Where we are going!

Liam POV

'Is everyone ready?" I yelled to make sure everyone in the house could hear me. "Ready" said Harry from upstairs. "Me too!" yelled Loui. "We're good" I heard Zayn yell. Then Niall ran out of his room, giving Jackie a piggy back ride. He carried her on his back all the way downstairs. "Niall, come on. I can walk" she told him, he nodded a no. "Well, come on you guys we're leaving." I said and walked out the door with everyone else behind me. We got into the van and I rode shotgun while Loui was driving. When we got there the girls practically jumped out the van. They acting like twins. They ran in with us shortly behind them. They ran in amd stopped to look around. We walked in behind them and walked to the booth Simon was sitting in. Of coaurse it was the biggest one. Simon stood up amd shook iut hands one by one. "You two must be Vanessa and Jackie." He said looking at the girls. First the girls looked at each other then at Simon. "How do you know about us?" they asked in unison. "Being the ones that date the winners for global sensation, you should now how fast news spreads." He replied.

Jackie POV

Just ehat I need. International attention. I sat down next to Niall and he pulled me closer. "What are worrying about?" He asked. "The attention. And somethings that people will do." I mumbled. He pulled me even closer and my head was closer to his chest. "Don't worry, my princess." He said and kissed my cheek. Then he turned a paid attention to Simon. I did too, for a while. "Are you bored?" Asked Niall. I nodded a yes at him. "Come on. Stand up." He said and made me get out the booth. He practically dragged me across the room and put me on stage. He tossed me a microphone and made me chose a song. 

'It's a beautiful night

we're looking for something 

dumb to do, hey baby

i think I wanna marry you.' 

I began to sing the whole thing. I wasn't bad, and it was fun to do. I love it and I love my life right now. When the song was over I ran into Niall's arms. "Why did you make me do that?" I asked him. "Hahaha, because you're not bad at it." He responded. We say back down and began to eat. I started to feed Niall like a baby at one point. By the end of the night we were all laughing and talking. "Excuse, but we're about to close for the night." Said a worker. "Oh alright." I said and we all left. "It was nice meeting you girls and nice to see you guys again." Said Simon as walked of in the opposite direction. Niall grabbed my hand and escorted me back to the van. 

Niall POV

I need to tell her when our next tour is going to be. But I don't know when I should tell her. We have three months till then. That's enough time. Right? I don't want to leave her but it's a rule. I can't bring anybody else if they aren't in the band. Damn it! Who came up with that anyways? Whatever! I just need to find out when to tell her.


-Three Months Later-

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