Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


10. trying to leave him behind

His lips were on mines. It felt familiar but not the same. He grabbed my face in the split second. I pulled away turning around from him, as thoughts began to fill my head. He looked at me with concern in his eyes that soon turned to frustration. "What's wrong?" he asked whispering near my ear. I felt shivers travel through my body. I could feel his hot breath near my neck.

"No, Zayn" I said hushed. "No?" he questioned. He put his arms around my waist hugging me from behind. "Zayn, stop. I don't want to be your girl" I mumbled under my breath. "Why not?" He asked as he held me tighter. "Because you've changed and" I paused as a tear feel from my eyes," I don't like it. You're not who left me three years ago." He wiped my tear away saying, "I've changed, I know but I still want you Babe." He was hugging me as he spoke.

My arms near his chest, the only thing caught between us were my arms. I pulled away and turned around. "Don't call me babe, you lost that privilege a long time ago" my vision began to blur as I spoke. He put his arms around my neck hugging me. "I'm not going to leave you again" he told me. I tried to smile saying, "You mean you won't forget because this is the only girl who you won't get." He kissed my cheek saying, "No because I'm not going to let you leave me" he pecked my cheek again.

I turned around pushing away from him. I looked him in the eyes and said, "Get away from me! I don't like you. You left me for three years and now your this jerk that I don't even know anymore! I don't even want to see you anymore." I guess it was a bit harsh but I didn't care.

It hurt me more to say it, because this person I've known all my life has come back as soon as I wanted to forget about him. I had tear stained cheeks and some were still falling. Shock filled his face but then it began to turn into angry and annoyance. His face had turned red. I had tear stained cheeks and some were still falling. He came closer to me. As soon as he was about to touch my face I walked backwards and soon began to run.

I ran past the shops I was at before I ran and stopped to look if he was chasing me. This time I saw him running in my direction, but with a friend. I began to run faster. I got to the parking lot were I had parked my car and grabbed my keys. I took out my keys and unlocked the car. Then, I jumped in and turned on the car. As soon as it was on, I heard the door open. I should've locked the car. I saw a hand with a rag wrap around my mouth. Ah shit! Fuck! I can't say anything else from there. 



Do you lyk it so far. If you do plz comment lyk of favorite anyone is ok. Thanks for your atention

PS. Spring break just started so I'll probably be writing more. mKaY ByE


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