Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


25. Three Months Later...

Niall POV

I never told her about the tour. It starts tomorrow and I haven't told her. I grabbed Jackie's hand and made her sit down on the bed next to me. "Princess, there's something I forgot to tell you." I paused,"We're going on tour again starting tomorrow and I can't bring anyone along." Her eyes turned sad and she pulled me into a hug. "It's alright, baby." She said into my ear. I'm really going to miss her. "I'll ask so friends if they can check up on you and Vanessa while we're gone." I told her. "Like who?" She laughed. "Demi, Justin, BTR, and a couple of friends who are passing by." I told her. "You planned everything out didn't you?" She asked me. It was really cute and I laughed. She's so perfect to me. "Come on. Let's goto sleep now." I told her. She nodded her head andI turned off the lights. We cuddled and fella sleep afterwards. 


"Jackie! Stop! Don't do it!" Yelled Vanessa. Vane ran to her side and flipped the chair back up. Jackie's eyes were puffy and red and her cheeks were stained with tears. Vanessa undid the knot and pulled her down. Then Vanessa sat down on the bathroom floor with Jackie's head in her lap. She was trying to comfort her. But why? "I know you've been like this since he left, but just be strong. You haven't even said a word, and you refuse to eat now. But I promise he'll come back for you. I promise." She said and closed her eyes. She pulled Jackie in closer so they cod hug. They did and they both began to cry.


I sat up panting. What just happened. Please tell me that was just a dream. I hope it never happens. It seemed so real. I don't know what to think.I looked over at Jackie. She was sound asleep and I don't want to wake her up. I got back under the covers and put my arms around her. I still remember the day we met. I knew she was perfect for me. I just knew it. <3

Zayn POV 

I already told Vanessa we are leaving for tour tomorrow. She doesn't get overwhelmed with her emotions, most of the time, so I'm guess she'll be alright. On the other hand, I'm not even sure if Niall told Jackie. Her emotions get hard to control even for her. I remember one time she blacked out and beat up a girl at the mall. We had to stop here before she disfigured the girl. Hahaha.  I just hope nothing bad happens to them. I love Vanessa so much but stupid rules don't let me bring her with me.


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