Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


3. this...

~Six years later~

"Zain, come on I'm going to go to the mall, and I want some one to come with me!" I shouted and he nodded. We loved shopping together. We're fifthteen and as long as we are with each other our parents let us go any where mainly because I'm well a bit on the crazy side and Zain can sometimes have problems with his emotions. We held hands swinging them back and forward as we walked from school to the mall.

"Zain" i said "Yeah" he replied as he looked at me. "I just want to know how's it going with Yam?" Yamilet is his girlfriend, Yam for short. He looked at the ground and  we kept walking. I grabbed his head pulling it up by the chin. I looked him in the eyes and said."She broke up with you didn't she?" I paused as he nodded. "I told you, Zain. You know she does that to everyone. Don't be sad you can do better than her"

We were already at the mall and in the food court. I tightened my grip on his hand as Yam walked by. Why is she here? Oh yeah because she's a hoe that always tries to get a guys attention. I noticed his eyes go down and a smirk appear on Yam's face. I noticed she was looking, just glaring and smiling at how she had made Zain feel feel.

I pulled him into a hug and said, "I promise" in his ear, I always hugged him but this time it was something different. He grabbed me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I didn't want to let go. I could feel his sadness when we hugged. He was so depressed, I didn't know why he didn't want to open up to me. I pulled away and we were looking into each others face. He looked me in the eyes saying, "You promised" and then we had a slight kiss. I'm not going to give out details but I did like it.

As we were about to walk away, Yam came behind me and pulled my hair. "What are you doing?!" Zain half screamed at her. She is such a bitch! "Bitch get away from me." I yelled as her as her friends laughed at us and soon they were just silent. I pushed her to the ground and she said, "I won't give up until I get my boy back." Zain was confused, he came and put his arms on my shoulders and whispered, "Let's go" I shook my head and before we left I said, "He' not yours and he never was, he was only dating you" I didn't like her at all. She is a self absorbed daddy's bitchy girl. She sucks the fun out of everything and tries to make fun of everybody. Zain gabbed my hand and we walked around the mall like that. "Are you okay?" he asked "Yeah, I'm doing good, she can't ruin our day." I responded. "Our?" he questioned. "Yes, because... Zain will you please be my boyfriend?" I added. He hugged me and we kissed again and I guess that means we're a thing.  

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