Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


7. The Day

I woke up in the morning and looked to my side. I found a note to were Zain was sleeping. 'Dear My Boo, I just left this note to let you know I'm picking up some food and I'll be back home in a bit. Love Zain xoxox' Okay I guess it is okay. I checked the time and ran downstairs putting my hair in a messy bun. I grabbed Zain's jacket and ran to my house to get ready. I ran in and grabbed my white skinny jeans, gray xoxo half shirt and some gray flats. I ran to the restroom to do a little bit of touch ups on my hair and walked out the door with my phone and charger in hand. I walked back to Zain's house and got in. I waited anxiously for a couple of minutes but then Zain arrived. He had some pancakes and bacon! Yum! I walked over to him and hugged him holding him closer. I don't want to let go. We chatted for a while but then we just stayed there eating. "Oh. Shit" I muffled under my breath. "Zain! C'mon we have to go to the audition" I told him as I got off the chair. He looked at me stunned and we walked to the door. I grabbed my keys out of my pocket and we ran to my car. I drove off with Zain inside with me. We drove to the set for the auditions and surprisingly we were on time. I found a parking spot and we climbed out my car. I smiled and walked with Zain to the building. We went in and got Zain's audition number. I can't believe we are here. I kissed him on the cheek and side hugged him. We walked to the backstage of the building. I saw a couple of people. Zain's mom arrived a couple of minutes later. I saw people walk back and forth each with a different expression. Some were tear stained some were rejoiced and smile with happiness, there were some who you couldn't even distinguish the facial expressions. Zain was called to go on stage and before he could go on stage I gave him a kiss on the lips. Don't blame me I'm only human... He walked on and sang. He was good but he was nervous while singing. He's never been that open to people, so I understood why. I ran my hand through my hair as the judges made more suspense. Oh my gosh. They always do this don't they? As soon as they said he was in I started to cry. He came back stage to me awaiting his return. I grabbed his hand interlocking our fingers and planting a kiss on his lips. I saw people smirking as we were doing so. We walked closer to the back of the room and grabbed some water. I pulled out a black pen and started to draw half of a heart on each others hands. It was a beautiful heart divided into two pieces saying together forever in cursive. I pecked his lips as I finished he smiled and then a boy with a beanie on his head walked by smiling at us. Zain was going to stay for a while with his family and we had a six second kiss before I told him good bye. I didn't want to leave him but mom and dad are coming back, and it's been over a year since they have seen me. I just didn't want to leave him but mom and dad had to pick today to come back. Ratchet! I started the car and sang So What by P!NK. I got home and had a shitty day with my parents. Oh yeah, let e tell you what they told me. I"m not their child and I'm being kicked out of the house.
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