Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


1. The Beginning(first grade)

"Zain, don't do it!" I paused "we're going to get in trouble!" I tried to stop him. I wish we hadn't made that promise. "Zain!" he looked back at me "What?" he was laughing a bit. "We should go before we get in trouble" he nodded in agreement to me. We were suppose to be at the lunch room by now. We turned around as I grabbed his hand. He were hand in hand and walking to the door. We ran to the cafeteria and ate pizza. Stupid, all we get to drink is milk. At lunch we were sitting next to Eli, and Jon. Then, we were pulled back by our jackets. Oh no... We turned around and saw Mrs. Briggs. "What happened?" I questioned as innocently as I could. Zain was looking very nervous he started to breath deeply. Why can't he keep his cool. You two trouble makers are coming with me right now. "But what did we do?" I questioned. Eli and Jon along with the rest of the class stared at us in silence as we were picked up and forced to the classroom. The teacher shoved us and said, "What the fuck did you two little delinquents do?!" that was the first time I heard a curse word or two. Good thing she closed the door. We were a little stunned, Zain and I held each others hands as the teacher stepped closer to us. She pushed us both down and yelled. "You two little brats are going to stay after school today and help clean the whole sch-" she was cut off as the door swung open. In walked the principal. She made us step out and had a little conversation with Mrs. Briggs. We heard the whole thing.

"What were you doing?"

"Punishing the brats what did you think I was doing?"

"You weren't punishing you were cursing at the students"

"Because they deserve it"

"Mrs.Briggs! You know this is an elementary school and we can't have them stay after school anyways"

"And why not"

"Because we can't anyways how are you so sure they did it?"

"They were the last two to leave the class"

"And what did they do exactly?"
"They put glue all over my seat!" 

"And so you had to do that? May I remind you that the girls parents are nearly the most famous actors in the country."

A little more went on but I don't think you need to know... Yeah, a lot of cursing and fighting. So lets skip to the end now! WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

"Mrs.Briggs I am sorry to inform you that you are in danger of being fired"

~Next Day~

Mrs.Briggs wasn't there she must of been fired after all. The principal walked and all eyes landed on her. She was wearing a plaid skirt and a pretty red button down shirt and some red heels to complement. "Students I will be your student until we find a new teacher for you" she sat down in the now glue free seat and gave us some busy work. It was fun because we got to talk and walk around but of course me and Zain were together the whole time. We were the little six year old first grade buddies.  




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