Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


22. @T TH3 ^^@||

Vanessa POV

What is this? My phone is blowing up. I just want to throw it a t the wall right now. Ugh! I checked my phone and found a whole bunch of replies to this picture of me and Zayn. How did Perrie get the picture is she here right now? She is! Where is she?! I look around quickly while paying for the clothes and spot her purplish hair. I tapped Zayn on his shoulder and whisper, "Perrie's behind the clothing rack." He took a moment but then he whispered back saying, "Just act like you don't notice her." Then he kissed my cheek and paid the clothes. We waited a couple more minutes for Jackie and Niall to pay. They ended up having a playful fight about who would pay. In the end Niall paid everything. We all walked back to the food court. Zayn and I hand in hand and Niall had his arm around Jackie's shoulder. I looked around and saw that all the members of Little Mix were here. Zayn saw them too and he brought me into his chest. "Don 't worry" he whispered to me and kissed the top of my head. Niall and Jackie ordered first. Both of them eat so much. It's practically impossible to keep up with them. Zayn and I ordered afterwards and Jackie and Niall went to go find seats. We joined them minutes after.

Jackie POV

I love the fact we both eat so much! We're so competitive that it's getting cute. I think Vane doesn't want us to worry but she is. I know Zayn will protect her from them. I noticed all of them too. I snapped out of my trance when I felt Niall hug and pull me in. I just laughed. "I'm going to restroom. I'll be back in three." I said and walked to the restroom. I walk in and there they were the four of them. They were all huddled around Perrie. I just kept walking and walked into an empty stall. I used the restroom and washed my hands. In that moment all of LM was staring at me. I felt a punch on cheek and snapped. I punched them all back. I don't care if I get into trouble, it's all self defense. I'm not even going to go ghetto... I got punched back and thrown to the wall yes I ended up getting beat up... I was cradled up in the corner near the sink. "Tell your friend Vanessa that she made a big mistake making Zayn fall into her arms." Said one of them but I couldn't tell who said it. This isn't right. Even I thought they were better than this. This was no fair either it was one against four. I'm not the freaking karate kid. I start to feel my eye lids get heavy and it felt right to close them...

Niall POV

Why hasn't my princess returned yet? It's been almost ten minutes. Zayn and Vane are in there own world right now. Looking through tweets and talking to each other. I stood up and watched the girls of LM walk out the restroom. I walked towards the restroom and gradually began to run. I know something is wrong. I can feel it. I ran to the restroom and quickly swung the door open. I ran towards her, sliding next to her. I didn't like this one bit. I picked her up and carried her out bridal style. Huh, practice for the future. Her eyes began to flutter open as I carried her back to the table. I signaled the others so we could leave and we did. Jackie could walk again but I still wanted to carry her. When we got back to the car Vanessa was driving because Zayn can't drive. I sat in the back with my princess. 

Zayn POV

I have a feeling Niall is at least a bit mad at me. Why did they have to go and beat her up. I just think that was stupid. Can she not stop obsessing and just move on with her life? It's dumb. Vanessa is so quiet when she drives. I wonder if she is just thinking or something. "Jackie, are you sure you're alright?" I asked her. "I'm alright." She responded. "I'm really sorry that happened to you," I added. "It's cool Zayn. You don't have to worry about it." She replied. That helped the guilt go away a bit. I turned back to Vanessa. "Are you thinking?" I asked her. "Yeah" she replied without looking at me. "About?" I questioned. "How stupid those four girls are acting. It's stupid they are acting like spoiled brats. Which is probably the best thing you can call them right now." She replied without hesitation. The rest of the car ride was without dialogue just the music from the radio.

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