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27. Surprises

Harry POV

After breakfast we gathered our stuff and threw then in the back of the van. We said goodbye too the girls, well me Lou and Liam did. Niall and Jackie went upstairs and had a full make out session and Vanessa and Zayn didn't care they were making out in feont of us. "Try not to eat her!" Lou laughed at Zayn. We walked to the van and waited for the others. They can in a few minutes later and we drove off. "Did you get any action Niall?" I smirked. He laughed a bit "no. She doesn't want to do anything like that intil I put a rung on her." We went off talking randomly to the airport and got on our flight. 

~3 months later~ 

Niall POV

I remember when we opened up for Big TIme Rush for the first time. They are doing a tour and are going to britain tomorrow. I should call them and ask if they can check up on the girls for me. I dialed Kendall. "Hello?" - kendall

"Hey this is Niall" - me

"Oh hey dude, how's it going?" - kendall

"It's been alright. I have a favor to ask you." - me

"what is it?" - kendall

"You see me and Zayn left our girls at the house and we wanted to know if you could do a check up on them for us." -me

"Sure Niall. We'll check up on them and call you later." -kendall

"okay thank you. I'll text you the address." - me

"okay bye Niall" - kendall

"Bye" - me

I hung up and walked back to the boys. "Ready to perform?" Asked Lou. "Yeah. Let's do this." I responded and we went out on stage.

Kendall POV

"You guys we're going to make a surprise visit to two girls. No flirt is allowed. We are checking up on them for our friends from One Direction" I exclaimed. "Alright." Responded James and Logan. Carlos nodded his head and we all sat down. 

- next day -

"You guys come on. We have to go check on the girls now." I stated. "Let's go then" replied Carlos. We all got into the car an drove to the house adress Niall sent me. It was already noon and not many lights were on. There was the living room light and a room upstairs. Most of it was dark. I walked up to the door and knocked. A girl came and opened it. "Hello. Niall sent us here to check up on you and Jackie." I said. She looked at me and let us come in. "Do you want anything to drink?" She asked us. "Do you have any soda?" asked Carlos and we all grabbed one. "So where's Jackie?" Asked James. She scratched the back of her head. "Um. Well she's upstairs. She hasn't been herself much since they left on tour." She explained. "What do you mean?" Questioned Logan. "You see Jackie can get very emotional, we've tried to help her but nothing works. When Niall and the others left she ran to her room and locked herself inside. She used to cry a lot. She barely talks or eats anymore. It's suppose to be a depression thing." She unrolled. "Why didn't you ever tell Niall or the others?" I asked. "Because, they don't need to be worrying." She stated. "This is ridicoulis! Did you ever think that they needes to know that she's in a depression. She can die anyday if it gets the best of her." I could barely control myself. I stood up, "I still want to see her." I stated. "Alright, she's in the third door on the right" she said. I walked upstairs and opened the room door. I walked in and looked around. No sight of anyone. Then I heard sobbing. I turned around and looked behind the door. There she was. "Jackie." I called her name as I knelt next to her. "I'm Kendall. Niall sent me here to check up on you." I said. I gave her a hug and helped her up. "Jackie talk to me." I told her. I picked her up off the ground and sat her down on the bed. "Hi Kendall" she mumbled. "Okay. Thank you. Is there anything that you want?" I asked. "I don't want anything. I just need Niall." She said and began to tear up again. I hugged her. I promise just stay strong and he'll be here before you know it" i told her. She is really fragil right now. "Jackie. Do you want us to stay over so you guya won't be alone. I prise we won't do anything wrong." I blabbed. She nodded a yes and I went to tell the others and went back upstairs. I brought Jackie downstairs amd we all slept there. I woke up in the middle of the night when I heard my phone go off. It was Niall. I got up and walked to the restroom to talk. "Kendall?" - Niall

"Did you check up on them?" - Niall

"we're still here. I have something to tell you about Jackie" - me

"what is it?" - Niall *concerned*

"Jackie is going through depression. The only reason they haven't said any thing about it is because they don't want you to worry." - Kendall

"Alright. Thank you for telling me Kendall. I'll be there by Monday jist don't let the girls find out I'm coming." - Niall

"Alright Niall. We'll take care of them." - me

"Good night" - Niall

"Bye Niall." - me

I hung up and went back to the living room and went back to sleep.

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