Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


21. Revenge

Zayn POV

Now me and Niall have our princesses. Vanessa is so perfect to me. She makes me smile so much it almost hurts. It feels so nice when I hug her. I would die for her any day. No more one night stands for now on. I have all I need right here. We all walked around the mall together. At one point I was standing behind Vane and wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my head on her shoulder. She began to smile and I got that smile that I told you about. It almost hurts but it's perfect. She's perfect to me and I don't ever want to let her go... <3

Perrie POV

So just because he found this girl from before he breaks up with me. Alright I get it. I should of never fell for him. I knew he wouldn't catch me. He's such a fucking cunt! Ugh! Now I feel stupid for ever dating him. It's not just going to end like this. It's not ending like this. Who the hell is this girl anyways? Does she think she's better or something? Does she think Zayn is all hers? Does she even know Zayn like I do? Atleast I'm shopping. It'll take my mind off of things for a while. I walked to pay and spotted Zayn, Niall, and this girl with black curly hair. Is that her? I quickly hid behind the clothing rack.

Jackie POV

Vanessa has the bladder of a squirel. She went off to the restroom and since it's for girls Zayn stayed behind. I have all the things she picked out in my hands. Why does it always take so long to pay for your things? Niall started to play with my curly hair. He must like it or something. "Do uou like her hair?" Asked Zayn. Niall responded saying, "Why wouldn't I?" I turned around and peckef his cheek. Just then Vanessa came back. "There's my Angel" said Zayn. She blushed a bit and they held hands. I did the same with Niall and I leaned my head on his shoulder. Grr I'm so short but I don't like heels. Whatever. Fuck it.

Perrie POV

I was wrong. The girl with the curly hair is Niall's girlfriend. Since when does he have one? From what I keep hering her name is Jackie and Zayn's new girlfriend is Vanessa. Ugh! What can I do? I want to get back at them. I took my phone out and took a picture of them. I tweeted it. 'Zayn's new Gf. Zerrie is over.' Let's see how much hate they get. Maybe that will do something. Immediately there were over thirty retweets and over sixty replies. I heard a couple of rings coming from Zayn and Vanessa's phones. Bring in the hate. She started to look confused and so did he. Then Niall and Jackie began to look. "You guys! Zanessa/Vayn is trending!" Said Jackie. They stood there confused. "Who took the picture?" Asked Niall. "Perrie" said Zayn loud enough for us to hear.


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