Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


23. Planning

Liam POV

They  should have been here half an hour ago. What's taking them so long? That's when I heard the door open. There was out cheeky Niall with his princess and some shopping bags. Then came in Zayn with his queen, and bags. "What you so long?" I asked them. "I'll tell you later" said Zayn as both him and Niall carried the bags up for the girls. What happened?

Harry POV

Woah. Both of them seem so into their girlfriends. I really want one right now. I still have Lou though. Do you hear me? I sound stupid. I need a girlfriend. I wonder if the girls have another friend? Should I ask? Maybe not. I shouldn't, not now anyways. On another note why is there a bruise on Jackie's arm? I wonder what happened?

Niall POV

I'm happy my princess is okay. I'll just let her take a shower and get dressed. It's really nice that she doesn't use make up. I really like girla that don't use make up. It doesn't make a differencr you're always going to be the same. She left the bathroom door open and closed the shower curtain. "Niall" she called my name. "Yes?" I said as I walked into the bathroom. "Guess how many bruises." She said. "I'm guessing three." I said while rubbing my chin. "Wrong." She said. I wonder. "How many then?" I asked. "Five." She said. "I'll show you when I get out." She added and I left the room. She came out minutes later with a towel over her body. "Okay Niall. Here are the bruises." She aaid pointing to them one by one. Ther was one on the upper part of her left arm, two on her right leg, one on her back and one on the upper part of her left leg. "Do they hurt a lot?" I asked looking into her eyes. "Well I guess you can say that but I don't mind the pain very much." She replied. "Alright. I'm going to go take a shower now. Just get dressed Princess." I commented. She nodded her head, and I took a shower.

Vanessa POV

It was all my fault. Ugh! I know when Jackie gets hurt it hurts her the most inside. To her it's not physical it's mental or emotional.  I know that she tries to hide it from everyone, she's good at it but she'll always open up. I hate the fact that she got beat up. It was a douche move too. Jackie's strong enough to defend herself. If it was only Perrie I know she would have taken her down but it was all of them from LM. Woah. My life has changed so much. I hope they don't try to do anything else again. I don't like this one bit and I don't want things to get out of hand. I think too much in the shower. I just hope tonight isn't chaotic. 

Zayn POV

It's my fault. I'm so stupid. Ugh! Perrie! Why does she feel like she needs to get revenge with me. I should have never left Vanessa, this could of all been avoided. But if I never left her, my life, our lives wouldn't be like thy are right now. Life is a roller coaster, you just need to learn how to ride along. I need to take my mind off of things right now. I guess tonight will be enough, we'll just enjoy our time at the karaoke place... Oh I just remembered I need to tell Liam why we took so long. I ran downstairs and to the living room. "Are you going to tell me now?" Asked Liam. "Yeah, and why does Jackie have a bruise on her leg?"asked Harry. "She didn't have it this morning." Added Lou. "You guys calm down. I'll tell you" I replied and with that I explained everything that happened. Liam, Harry and Lou were surprised. "That's what happened?" Asked Liam surprised. I nodded my head in a yes and went back upstairs when Vanessa called my name. 

Perrie POV

Perfect. I know what to do now. Just wait.

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