Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


4. Ohh special news!

~two years later~

Me and Zain are still together. Best of life. His mum doesn't have a problem with it and why should mine they are always doing movies and shows. I always get special treatment from everyone because of my family. Like why the fuck do I have to be treated different. I just want a normal life where I don't have to be treated like the queen. Honestly I still care but I'm just tired f everything. The only reason I haven't gone completely mad is because Zain is always there for me.

Zain and I are about to go get out of school for the summer. Today is our last day and Zain texted me in 2nd block telling me to meet him by the swimming pool. Weird? He doesn't swim if anything that is the last thing you would ever see him doing ever. School ends in a few more hours I just need to get by 4,5, and 6th block. I really want to see him right now. It would make my day if something special happened.

Ms.McCoy just keeps blabbering on and on about her life in math. I don't even care about this class anymore. Anyways I left a bottle of lotion for her on her desk. She's always ashy and it would be fun to see her expression. Guess what I put "from Brad" on a little card next to it. Brad is the name of the principal and I made a heart inside the letter. Both of them are single and anyways it would be fun to see them confused. =3

~after school~

I ran to the other side of campus and saw Zain sitting near the school pool. I was cute he looked perfect right there. He had on an old gray jacket and some  blue jeans. I began not to think and ran even faster to hug him. I hugged and then he pressed his lips against my cheek. Then he twirled me around grabbing my hands and looked me in the eyes saying "Babe, I have some news you maybe happy about." He smiled with all his facial features becoming even cuter. "What is it?" I said as I lost myself in his eyes. "I'm going to audition on X-factor" he yelled happily as he hugged me. "Oh my gosh" I whispered as we came closer. We interlocked our hands and kissed. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" I said giggling. "Because I want to wait to make you even happier" he smirked. We started walking and ended up walking off campus and to McDonald's. We went inside and order some food. I really was happy for Zain. He's always been so great and we've been together for the longest now. "Zain?" I waited for a response. "Yes?" he questioned back. "I need you to promise me that you'll call, text, or Skype when you're away. Alright?" I insisted. He laughed a bit saying, "Why wouldn't I" he paused, "In fact you would be the first person for me to talk to" Oh my gosh I got that really good happy feeling that makes you feel like you're going to melt but in a good way. I still can't believe it. I glared into his gleaming eyes and his really amazingly cute smile. Just look at his nose when he giggles a bit, it's irresistible. I just hope everything comes out right for him....



So far what do you think? I'm just winging it so let see what happens.....

Oh and thanks for reading to this part. I promise updates are going to be asap! Thanks!


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