Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


31. Night

Moon POV

she's so nice to me. I know I made her happy. I snuggled next to her after she turned off the lights and went to sleep. I rested my head on her stomach. I love her. She doesn't mind me doing anything. The only thing I didn't like from before was when she scream when I jumped on her. That kind of hurt my ears. I like my name. Moon. She likes the moon and I like how she sings. And the way she scratches my ears and rubs my belly. She's so good to me. I closed my ears and relaxed my doggy self. I fell asleep minutes later.

Jackie POV


"Niall put me down!" I laughed. Ge laughed too. Ohh, his adorable laugh I love it. I looked at him and he started wiggling his nose like a rabbit. I grabbed his nose and wiggled it again. I let go and he held me up. "Niall come on. Put me down." I commanded. "Alright. When I call your name out just come on stage for me please?" He replied. I nodded and he let me go. He went on stage with the others and performed. Near the end of the concert Liam said, "You guys we have a surprise for you guys."  The crowd started to cheer in excitement. Then Niall called out my name, "Come on Jackie." I walked up on stage with lots of cheers. He hugged and Zayn said, "As many of our fans now this is Niall's girlfriend." Niall stopped hugging me and got on one knee. "Happy Valentine's Day Jackie" he paused and took out a box. I gasped, "Will you marry me?" He smiled. "Yes, I will!" I replied as tears of joy ran down my cheeks. He slipped the ring on my finger and got up. He interlocked our fingers and kissed me. "And like that. Jiall is official." Said Lou. "I'm still free." Laughed Harry. The crowd was cheering and laughing. "That was the special surprised we had. Thank you guys for coming?" Said Liam.



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