Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


14. Next........

Zayn grabbed me trying to pull me off of Jackie. I barked at him, "I'm not leaving her!" He looked at me saying,"I never said she wasn't" I was. Bit surprised. He grabbed me and took me to his car and locked the doors. I saw Niall and Harry with Jackie. They lifted her up and walk her to her car. I saw them ut her in her car and Harry began to drive. Niall walked to his car and drive. I layed my head on the door. "Zayn, where are we going?" I asked. "We are going to the hospital" she said taking a quick glance at me. I sighed in relief. I didn't say a word till we got to the hospital. We got out the car and helped Jackie and Harry. Including Niall we all walked in. We got help from the nurses and she got examined. I stayed wlth Jackie the whole time. She got some stiches on her leg. An hour later, the boys came back in. "C'mon girls we are leaving" said Zayn. "Where's Harry?" Asked Jackie. "He went to pick up Liam and Louis from the beach." She turned to the side and I helped her stand up. We walked out and I went with Zayn as she went with Niall. Do you want to hear from her now? Okay good. I thought I would be talking the whole time. Enjoy her point of view.

Jackie POV

my leg hurts like freak! I had to ride with Niall. Does that mean I'm being kidnapped with my best friend? Oh well. I'm in too much pain to worry about that. "How's you leg?" Asked Niall as he took a quick glimpse at me. "I'm not trying to be a baby, but it hurts like freak" I said as I laughed a bit. "How come your laughing?" He asked with a slight gigle. "I'm not sure it's just a way I get through pain" I responded smiling at him. He looked at me with a little bit of astonishment. I bursted out laughing. "You think I'm weird. Don't you?" I kept looking at him as he laughed a bit. "Niall?" I called his name. "Yeah?" He responded. "Does that mean I'm technically being kidnapped with my best friend?" I asked looking at him. "I guess so" he said unsure. I smiled. "How come you're smiling?" He asked. It's just that it could be worse. You guys don't seem bad. And antways my best friend is going to be with me." He parked the car and said,"You're right" he paused, "by the way we're here" He smiled. He got out the car and helped me into the house. He had me in bridal positional the whole time. Zayn held the door as Niall carried me in. He sat me down on the couch and sat next to me. "Sorry I'm so heavy" I said scratching the back of my head. "you aren't really heavy" he commented. We laughed. Then I saw Zayn and Vanessa walkimg together. They were talking me and Niall shut up as we tried to tine into what they were saying.

"Wow! It looks like they might get together again." I whispered to Niall.

"Yeah but what about Perrie?l" he began to laugh. "Niall, did you just fart?" He began to laugh. I pushed him playfully. He kept on laughing. "You did!" I began to laugh with him.  We calmed down when Louis and Liam walked in. "So what happened today?" Asked Liam raising one of his eyebrows. "Well actually yes. Long story short Vanessa and Zayn might get back together. I'm going to stay with you guys for a while oh and my name is Jackie" I blabbered. Niall looked at me and laughed, " by the way Jackie spilt her leg and got some stiches today" said Niall. "So, I hear you two were at the beach today" i commented looking at Liam and Louis as they sat down. "Actually we where surfing" said Loui. "Okay. So what can we do the rest of the afternoon?" Asked Harry as he walked behind us. He put his hands on my shoulders and shook me playfully. "I guess we can play a game" i stated. "Yay" mumbled Niall as he ran off. "What's he doing?" I asked. "He's probably bringing Monopoly" added Liam. "Ohh. I love that game." I said. A few seconds Niall came back and spread out the Monopoly game. I slid to the ground and Niall was setting up the board and cards. Liam was the labrador, Louis was the iron, Niall was the fries, Harry was the money, and I was the ship. We played for about an hour. In the end Loui and Harry ended up in debt. I didn't hear from Vanessa the rest of the night. She was sharing the room with Ayn. "Where am I going to sleep?" I asked as we cleaned up the mess. Niall stopped and looked at me. "Your right. I totally forgot" he scrarched the back of his head. Harry, Loui,and Liam went to their rooms. "We don't have a guest room so I guess you are going to have to buck with me." I smiled. "At least I got a bit used to your farts." We began to laugh. "Niall can we get some food before we go to bed?" I asked. He nodded and he helped me walk to the kitchen. I spotted some oreos, "Niall don't leave out the oreos" I said. He grabbed the whole pack and two cups of milk and we headed up stairs. We were in the room and we began to eat the cookies. "Yum..yum..yummy Oreos" i said like alittle kid. We laughed."Niall,I don't think we should eat all the oreos. What if theothers want some?" I said. He smiled and responded saying,"Don't worry. The cookies are usually gone by now" we kept eating the cookies. We finished the pack and drank our milk. Niall turned of the lights and we tucked ourselves under the bed. "Niall you farted again" I said laughing. He began to laugh too. "You said you got used to it" he giggled. "I meant a bit" i laughed. We calmed down and I kissed his cheek. Then I fell asleep. Just dreaming. You know just teen things. :3

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