Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


26. Next Morning

Jackie POV

I sat up and stretched. Ugh, morning breath. I looked to my side and see Niall sound asleep. Like any other good girlfriend I would make him breakfast but I did something instead. I walked to the bathroom and grabbed a small bucket and filled it with water. I walked back to the bed and splashed the water on him. As soon as it hit him he jumped up. "What are you doing?" he said as he stood up. He walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He leaned his head on my shoulders and started swaying back and forth. I could tell he was falling asleep again. This is going to be a long morning...

Vanessa POV

'Zayn, wake up. Sometimes you sleep in too late and I don't want to be blamed for it." I said as I tried to wake him up again. I started poking him. "Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke. P-" I was cut of when he said, "Ahhh. Stop poking me." his eyes were still closed and he still had his morning voice. "Then get up." I demanded. When he turned around I just poked him even more. "I said stop." he said lazily swinging his arm around at me. "And I said get up." I fused. "No." he said grump like. "Alright." I replied and pushed him off the bed. He hit the ground and stood back up. "I'm going to get you!" he said playfully pointing his finger at me. "RAWR" I said and stuck out my tongue. He began to run towards me so I ran out the bedroom. i began to laugh as Zayn chased me around the house. "I'm coming for you" he said playfully. I kept running until I bumped into Liam. I bounced back up and apologized to Liam. Just then Zayn grabbed me from behind and restrained me from moving. "I told you I would get you" he said in my ear. "That was only because I bumped into Liam." I replied. "It still counts." he said as he kissed me and let me go. 

Louis POV

AHHHHHHH. It's too damn early for this. These people make to much noise. I grabbed my pillow and covered my head with it. I'm trying to get my beauty sleep. You can't be 21 and look this gorgeous. Anyways we have two hours until we leave on tour. Ahh. Now I can't go back to sleep. Fuck it. I got up out of bed and stretched. I got dressed and did my hair. I brushed my teeth and walked downstairs. "Hey Lou, can you come here for a minute" called Harry. I turned around and went to his room. "Is something wrong?" I asked him. "Not really it's just with everyone else dating I feel like I should get a girlfriend but the problem is I don't know who" he said. "Hush. Child. Niall always said his princess was on her way. Just do what he did." I said. "You mean not date anyone that Zayn tries to hook me up with." he said staring at me. "No. You wait." I said and walked out the room. 

Liam POV

Alright. I'm making breakfast this morning. Jackie and Niall made it Monday, Vanessa and Zayn made it Tuesday, Loui made it Wednesday and Harry made it Thursday. Today is Friday so it's mt turn. What to make. i know! Chocolate chip pancakes. :) I love chocolate. It's yummy. I made the pancakes and was sure to make extra. "Breakfast is ready" I said. No one came.  "BREAKFAST" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I heard footsteps running all around.

Jackie POV

As soon as Liam yelled Breakfast, Niall's eyes opened. He nearly dragged me out the door. He must be hungry. He is so playfully. Niall bolted downstairs and into the kitchen. Sometimes I wonder if he thinks he's being chased or something. We sat down at the table and were joined by everyone else. "Voila! Chocolate Chip Pancakes!" said Liam. "Dig in. Niall, you're limit is seven." Liam added.

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