Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


30. Next Day


Vanessa POV

I woke up first so decided to make some breakfast. I'm still tossing the things in my head, that Jackie and I were talking about last night. I wonder. I mean I think she might have been acting like a total mom for me but she has always done that. She's always getting over protective about us. Maybe that's why she's my best friend. I made waffles for breakfast. Everyone was asleep in the living room. It was actually kind of funny to see them all bundled up. I laughed a bit. Jackie woke up first and standed next to me. "Vanessa I can feel how you feel." She said. "Well that's not creepy." I said sarcastically. "I know it's creepy. I just mean I know you're still doubting. Trust me he is staying truthful to your relationship." She replied. I kept cooking. "I guess your right." I mumbled. Ahe shook my shoulders lightly and walked to the bathroom. She opened the door and let the puppy race out. She whistled and called "Moon." To my surprised the dog paid attention. "It's trained?" I asked. "I guess so I was just trying anything." She responded. She picked up the puppy and let it lick the boys faces. "Uh...what is that?" Questioned Logan with his eyea still closed. When he opened his eyes he jumped up. "What are you doing?" Asked Kendall sleepily. "Waking you up." She replied. "Don't you sleep?" He asked. "Barely" she replied playing with her puppy. "Well we sleep a lot. You woke us up around five." Added James. "Alright. You guys can sleep in the rooms upstairs if you want to." I said. They all got up and ran upstairs. Jackie fed her dog and kept playing with it. "Hey Vanessa." Called Jackie. "Yes?" I responded. "Why do think Niall suddenly just got this dog for me?" She asked. "I'm guessing he just wants you to know he still loves you." I replied. "Anyways why is it named Moon?" I added. "I guess because Niall knows how much I like to stare at the moon. We were watching the night sky together about two weeks before they left." She answered. "I'm finished making breakfast. What do you want to give the puppy?" I asked. "I guess we should give her some milk for now because she's still a puppy." She suggested. "Alright." I mumbled and walked to the fridge. Jackie grabbed a small bowl and I poured in the milk for the puppy. Moon raced to the bowl as fast as she could. I think she's cute too. I miss the guys so much but I guess it's alright. Anyways everything doesn't always happen the way you want it to. Jackie ised the oheart radio app and we sat down to eat. "Join us tomorrow at 8am for an interview with One Direction's Liam, Louis, and Harry." Said the Lady on the radio. "Wait. What about Niall and Zayn? This seems suspicious." Stated Jackie. "You're right. Is it strange that only our boyfriends aren't going to be there." I added. "They must not be good at keeping secrets." She laughed. "At the way there ratings are you're right." I added. We began to laugh and after that we kept talking and eating. Then we sat down to watch TV. Jackie had the puppy on her lap amd we were petting it. It was around one when the boys finally woke up. "Good morning" laughed Jackie. "What time is it?" Asked Carlos. "Around 1" I answered. "Crap. You guys we need to get going now. Take care" said Kendall as they all ran out the door. "Bye you Guys. Have fun." We said in unison. They drove off and we were stuck here. We just had a lazy stay in day. We listened to music and watched TV. You know playing video games, eating, talking, laughing. I really need to thank the guys for coming. I have a feeling they are behind all this. By that I mean the puppy. They helped to cheer up Jackie. A lot. She would've never had to auffer so much if I had helped her before. I can't go back in time and change anything though. I wish I could but what's happened has happened. "Jackie" I called her name. "What's wrong Vane?" She asked. "It's just I'm hopping you'll forgive me for not helping you before. I'm really sorry and I hope you can forgive me." I said. "It's okay Vane." She replied with a smile and a hug. "Come on. Let's go to sleep it's getting late." She added and we did. 

Jackie POV

I sang the same song looking out the window. I had Moon in my lap and I was petting her while singing. She was looking at me and I started to rub her belly.  When I finished ainging I kept looking at the beautiful Moon. I turned off the lights and left the curtains alone so I can have the moonlight shining in. I closed my eyes with both the moons next to me. 

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