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13. Jackie:)

~at the salon~ 

"Niall?" I called his name. "Yeah?" He responded. "Can I borrow your phone?" I asked. "Why?" He asked. I scratched the back of my head. "I just want to text my best friend." I said. He took out a phone but it wasn't his. I recognized it! It was my phone. Duh! His phone isn't read, ;P "Here is yours" he handed my phone. I unlocked it and texted my friend.

Me: Hi!

Jacky*~*: hey Vane! Were r u? I called a couple of timez but u never answerd

Me: Well... Dont say im crazy. I was fightin with Zayn and he kid napped me so I was wondering if u can help me escape?

Jacky*~*: Sure u noe u can always count in me :))

Me: thnx :)

Jacky*~*; So were r u at? O.o

Me: im at the blue and purple salon that is nxt to the grocery store

Jacky*~*: Kk. Im in my car now

Me: thnx becareful & there is some one with me so becareful of tht too

Jacky*~*: okay *~* I ll becareful. Comining im three blocks awqy

i locked my phone and shoved it in my pocket. Niall was being attended and left me alone. Half an hour later I saw a familiar car. It was Jackie. Yes! I silently walked out the front door and to the car. I saw Jackie and she signaled me to get in. I got in the back and we paused for a moment. I grabbed her by the neck and hugged her. "Oh, thank you so much Jackie" I told her. "It's no big deal because you know you can count on me" she winked and popped in a CD. "You know you can count on me like 123" the song played as she backed out of the parking space. Then I saw Niall pay and walk outside. Oh no. He saw us. He saw me. Shit I should gave never dragged her into this. He grabbed his phone calling someone and raced to his car. We were getting out the large parking lot but were stopped. There was Niall's car parked in front of us. Jackie turned around and looked at me. "Lets get out and run" she said. I nodded and we climbed out. She grabbed her keys and locked the car. She grabbed my hand and we ran. Niall got out his car and ran after us. We heard another car come. We were stopped as it parked infront of us. We turned to the right and began to run again. We ended up in a dead end and there were some hugh stairs for us to get away. The boys came closer. "Vanessa, I'm going to give you a lft to get up" said Jackie. She grabbed me and helped me up. I got up amd she was left. The boys were still coming. She found a place to step and she jumped. She was getting up and slipped. I was trying to help her back up. She fell off and began to scream. "Ah! My leg hurts like fuck!" She screamed in agony on the floor. I saw tears roll down her eyes and the guys were gettimg closer. "Just go Vanessa" she screamed stuttering. I jumped off and kneeled next to  her. "Im not leaving without you" i patted her back ang looked at her leg. Her leg was jacked up. "Jackie, I think you might need some stiches" I left someone touch my back. I jumped a little. I was spooked. I turned around with Jackie. There was Zayn, Niall, and Harry?! I hugged Jackie from behind. No matter what happens I am not letting her go.


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