Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


8. it's a douche move but I'm skipping ahead

~it's a douche move but I'm skipping ahead~


*About Three Years*

Zain, or sound I say Zayn... hasn't been around me in a long time. Remember when he used to be my boyfriend and I was his girlfriend. He never even broke up with me. He never did. I've been waiting all this time for him to at least say hi, but somethings just never happen. When I heard he was dating a girl named Perrie Edwards I didn't know what to do. That's when I completely stopped doing everything. I don't even draw any more. Figures.. it was what me and Zain I mean ZAYN liked to do together. I can't help but fear he's never coming back. He's never going to try to even think about me. I guess I'm like a lost cause to him. My vision began to blur as I cleaned the tears that were forming in my eyes. I can't help but obsess about him. We were suppose to be together forever. Now that he's so famous he won't even have enough time to even say my name, or even remember it. I walked out my bedroom and into my living room. Did I mention I'm living in an apartment with my dog? The apartment is only a ten minute walk from Zain's. I grabbed my pg\hone and wallet and walked out of my apartment locking the door shut. I looked around and found my car under a shady tree. It was a warm day outside so I put on my shades. I got in my car and drove to the grocery store in about 25 minutes. I ran in and bought some food I also grabbed some mint gum. I walked out and threw the stuff inside my car and locked it. I want to talk a walk around. I grabbed some strands of my hair and started to twirl it with a smirk. I began to think I shouldn't be hung over on Zayn he has bother to even text me in three years. I'm better of without him. I should open back up and face the wold. I can't do I don't have to suffer and cry over memories that only one of us looks through. I began to walk around and found an ice cream parlor. I walked in and bought a cookies and cream ice cream. I paid and left. When I finished mt ice cream I began to walk again. I walked by and say Audrey. She is truly horrible. I don't hate her she just hates me and I don't know why we used to be friends back then even before Zayn left. Why do I keep linking everything back to him? I'm sorry. ~.~

She passed by me and went to a ghetto clothing store. She truly is ghetto too. She is no fun to be around. I smirked a bit when I noticed she was alone. I kept on walking with my heart held up on my sleeve. I don't care what the fuck happens all I know is that I'm going to make it out. I didn't think I stopped thinking yes and I umped into this guy. Black hair Brown eyes---(to be continued :P)  



Douche ending? If no hit like if yes then erm.. so basically still hit like Thnx

Update  is going to be ASAP

PS. I may not be a ble to update much cause my mom doesn't even know what i'm doing and she thinks I'm still working on my project.. which I finished an hour ago...yeah so........bye

PSS. I have a question. Is it weird for one of your friends that is a boy if your still a virgin? I just want to know if I have to worry. Thanks.

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