Don't Forget

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32. I Love You!

Vanessa POV

I yawned and stretched when I woke up. Ahhhhhh. I scratched my head and threw the covers off my body. I walked into Zayn's bathroom and shut the door. I walked to the tub and let the water run a bit until it got warm. I striped down and got in. I took a shower and stepped out. I wrapped a towel around my body and left the bathroom. I walked back into the room and dried up. I picked out my clothes and slipped on my clothes. They were black skinny jeans and a gray shirt that had the word beautiful on it. I walked back to the bathroom and fixed my hair. It doesn't look bad. It's naturally wavy but Zayn's always loved it. I walked out the room and ran down the stairs. I saw Jackie spinning on the chairs in the kitchen. She didn't look bad today either. "Oh. What is my girl wearing?" She said. Jackie can a get a bit ghetto but not in a bad way. She just does it playfully. She's not from Britain she's actually from the USA. She was just around a lot of ghetto people before she moved. We were about 14 or 15 when we met. The main thing we had in common was our Hispanic background. Which was actually pretty nice. I looked back at her and spinned around. "Oh. Girl, you don't look ratchet today." She laughed. "Neither do you Bon qui qui." I replied with a smile. She began to laugh. I looked at her again. She was actually looking really nice. She was wearing purple skinny jeans and a lace white top. 

Jackie POV

"So do you want to listen to the others on the radio?" I asked. She nodded and I grabbed my phone. I love Iheart radio so much. I put on the same station as yesterday. They were talking. "So you guys how come Zayn

Niall couldn't be here today?" Asked the lady. "That's just, you see they are planning a surprise on their girlfriends." Said Harry. Me and Vanessa blurted out saying "I knew it!" "Speaking about girlfriends, hows it going with yours?" Questioned the lady. "El and I are still happy together but it's not so easy when I'm going all around the world." Replied Lou. "What about you Liam?" She questioned. "Really Danielle and I are good right now and I agree with Lou it gets harder when your travel the world without them." He replied. "Harry?" Said the lady. "Actually, I have a new girlfriend. Her name is Shelbie" he replied. "Ohh, and how did you guys meet?" She asked. They began to laugh amd then Harry said, "She tried to meet us all and she did thwn she asked for my number." "So is that the rrue story?" She asked. "No" laughed Lou. "Shelbie is a fan and she-" Lou was cut off as Harry said, "shhh. Don't say it Lou." The intervoew continued and we ate breakfast. I" wonder when the boys are arriving." I said. "Me too." Added Vanessa. Just then we heard something in the backyard. We walked outskide and Vanessa stayed back as I looked around. Then I was tackle onto the floor. I felt lips on mines and saw that it was Niall. I closed my eyes and we kept kissing.  He paused for a moment and said, "I Love You!" He pulled me into a big hug and started to cry a bit. "I've missed you and I love you so much." I replied.

Vanessa POV

there's Niall but where's Zayn? Then I felt some one grab me by the waist. It was Zayn. He kissed me and hugged me. "I Love You!" He said. I turned around and kissed him. "I love you too" He hugged me and it felt right to be in his arms.

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