Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


29. Gottcha

I began to laugh. Everyone must've thought something wrong had happened to me. I was laughing uncontrollably. There was a puppy licking my face. It was so cute. I love animals and I love dogs so much. It looked like a Labrador. I scratched it's ears and looked at the dog tag. "Moon" I read aloud. Then I flipped the tag around. Engraved it said, "for my special girl: just always remember I will always be right next to you." I mumbled. I lifted the puppy and checked. It was a girl. I loved it! I can't believe he did this, but how. I grabbed Moon and ran back to the others. We walked inside. I ran and grabbed my phone. I started texting him.

Me: How did you get the puppy here?

Mine<3: I have people...

Me: Pppl that can almost give a heart attack with surprises?

Mine<3: Rlly? I should've been there

Me: -.- douche.

Mine<3: Nope.

Me: OK. I'm srry but good night boo!

Mine<3: Sleep tight princess.

Me: Don't wrry. Love you. Good night! xoxox

Mine<3: <3 Nite <3 xx

With that I got up out of my problem a little bit. "What are we going to do with the puppy?" questioned Logan. "I was thinking about putting Moon in the bathroom for the night." I replied. "Alright. That's not a bad idea" he replied and I carried the puppy upstairs. I kissed her and left her in the bathroom. I don't know if she's potty trained and this way we can sleep a bit. When I got back downstairs everyone was asleep except Vanessa. "Vanessa is something wrong?" I asked her. "Do you think Zayn has been with any other girls lately?" she asked. i had a slight shock. "Vanessa. You don't know it but I used to talk to him when you weren't around. I made sure he wasn't going to break your heart. I was acting like a mom. He promised me he wouldn't have a single other girl and no one night stands." I blabbered. "But are you sure?" she asked looking down. "Vanessa. Not for once has he lied to me. I know he's keeping his promise." I reassured her. "Vanessa don't doubt him. He loves you too much." I added. She laid down and I turned off the lights. With that we finally went to sleep.

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