Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


19. Fixing a heart and breaking another

Zayn POV

Jackie and Niall were just making out. What was that about. Do they really think they belong together. I've always told him I could help him find a girl. He always turned me down saying that his princess was on her way. Now he says she's her. I'll stop thinking about them. I want to know about Vanessa. I want her back. I checked the time 3:57pm. I grabbed my phone and dialed her. "Hey Baby" -perrie

"Hey" -me

"Is something wrong?" -perrie

"No are you home?" -me

"Yes" -perrie

"I'm coming in ten" -me

"Okay. I'll wait for you" -perrie

"Alright bye" -me

I hanged up and called a cab. "Zayn, where are you going?" Asked Jackie walking to the fridge. "I'm going to break up with Perrie." I replied slipping on my jacket. "Are you sure about that?" She asked grabbing a bottle of water. "I have too" I replied walking out. "Just make sure not to hurt her too bad" she yelled as I walked out. Does she really care? I wonder why? I guess I should break it slowly. I got into the taxi cab and went to Perrie's house.

Vanessa POV

I want him back. I wish he wasn't dating Perrie. Why does life have to be so complicated? Why does life have to have so many problems? Why does life jave so many rears and fears? So much suffering? Why does there have to be life? I started crying. I turned on the radio and Mirrors by Justin Timberlake came on. I laid on the bed hugging myself. Call me a cry baby I you want but I'm just letting my emotions do what they should. I just laid there staring into thin air. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

*an hour and a half later*

"Vane, Vane, Vanessa" I heard Zayn's voice call as I was being shaken. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He grabbed my hands and looked me in the eyes. The radio was still playing. He stared ar me and I glared at him. He let my hands go and hugged me. "I'm sorry Vanessa. I miss you. I want you back. I don't want to feel thos way knowing that I hurt you." I could feel his voice cracking a bit. I could tell he was crying. "I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me and will you please tak me back?" He added. I can't believe this. He he seems so regretful. I interwoned my fingers in his and kissed his cheek. I could feel his heavy tears on my back. "I forgive you and I love you. I want you back too, but there's Perrie" I said. "No. She's not mine anymore." He responded. I listened to the music playing and All Around The World by Justin Bieber was on. "Zayn. I don't want you to leave me ever again." I said and we started to make out.

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