Don't Forget

Read and you'll find out.


5. Before you leave <3

~ Last day until X-Factor~

 Zain is about to leave tomorrow. I love him so much and I hope he ends up winning the whole thing. I got up out f bed it was 6:42 am. Ugh! I always wake up so early. Damn I wish I could go back to sleep. Anyways I grabbed a light blue towel and went into my bathroom. I took a quick shower while music was playing, I really love music, Love Song, then Everytime We Touch, and then came on Viva La Vida. When I got out I slipped but no one else is home and it hurts. I got up and kept grabbing stuff to stay up. I went to my dresser and got my undergarments then I went to my closet and grabbed some blue skinny jeans a lace top and an gray over-sized hoodie, but it really just belongs to Zain. I forgot to give it back. (or did I? hehehehehe).

When I finished it was 7:56am. It's still early. I grabbed my phone and tweeted a good morning to everyone. Then I went on Facebook and posted a picture tagging in Zayn to where I put a little cartoon heart. I had gotten more than sixteen likes and five comments. Then I locked my phone only Zain knows my password and now I'm telling you it's 1222. So easy right? Well if you knew when my birthday is...

Anyways I put the phone in my pocket and ran down stairs. I looked over to the kitchen and ate some cereal. I put the bowl in the dish washer and walked over to the living room. I began to do my favorite sport, I was CHANNEL SURFING! It's so easy! I didn't pay attention when I started thinking if I was going to get Zain anything. Maybe I should go buy him something. I grabbed my keys, ran out the house, and locked the door.

I ran until I came to a small shop. I've been eying this necklace there for some time already. I think it's cute. It's a two piece heart necklace that says forever on it. The heart breaks into two and has a little magnet that connects them, it's king of small though. I ran in the store and bought the necklace and matching bracelets. Yay! I'm so awesome (;

I walked back home and was spotted by Cindy. Ugh! That is Yam's bff. Oh gosh! Why does she always come after me. Oh well let her be a bitch. "fat ass! come over here" now she's screaming at me. It's probably because I was alone. Then I got a text message it was from a Zain.

Zainnie boo>Where are you Babe?

Me> I'm on Maryland Avenue

Zainnie boo> are you alone

Me> Yes, I am. Why?

Zannie boo> because I want to know if I can walk with just you.

Me> ?????

Zainnie boo> look to your side

Haha. He was there. Don't think he was driving, he can't. "Zain! Good morning boo" I said as I stopped. He walked up to me and grabbed me by the waist. He spun me around as we both laughed and he planted a kiss on my cheek and I did the same to him. I still had the bag for the stuff I bought us and told him to close his eyes.

I put the necklace like couples always do. I went behind him and clipped it together. The I  put the bracelet on his wrist and let him open his eyes. He hugged me and helped me put  my necklace on too. " I will always be watching and rooting for you to win Zain" I said as I buried my head into his chest. He wrapped his arms around my back and kissed the top of my head.


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