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20. Awkward

Jackie POV

Niall is always calling me his princess. Its so cute. He's my perfect prince. I don't know how he fell in love with me. I wonder how Vanessa is doing? I walked away from the living room and went upstairs. I walked to Zayn's door and knocked. No answer. I opened the door and what I saw was a bit bothering. Vane and Zayn where kissing and hugging and it was weird to watch. They looked at me but didn't stop. I walked backwards out of the room and closed the door. I heard laughing from downstairs. I walked back and found Liam, Harry, and Lou sitting on the couch watching TV. "What are you watching?" I asked. "Impractical Jokers." laughed Lou. "Alright," I said and turned around to Niall in the kitchen. I walked towards him and softly kissed his cheek. He was holding his hand in cold water. "What happened?" I asked concerned about my prince. "I burned my hand with the boiled water." He responded sadly. "That's not good. Wait here." I added. I walked to the fridge and grabbed an egg. I broke it on a bowl making sure not to pour in the yolk. "Here" I said as I handed him the bowl with the clear part of the egg. I threw the yolk away and walked back to Niall. "Thank you Princess." He said as he stuck his hand in the bowl and kissed my forehead. The phone rang and I ran to answer it. "Hello?" I asked. "Hello. Are any of the boys there?" Asked the man. "Yes. They're here. I'll pass the phone to Liam" I replied as I walked to Liam. I handed him the phone and he walked outside to talk. "Whho called?" Asked Loui. "Damn Lou, you're nosy. Just kidding. I'm not sure who it was though." I blabbered. I walked back to Niall in the kitchen. "What were you doing?" I asked. "I know you like coffee so I was making some for you." He answered. I wrapped my arms around him and said, "Aww. Babe thank you." He kissed the top of my head and I told him to take his hand out now. "Does it still burn?" I asked. "No. Not anymore." He replied looking at me.

Harry POV

Those two are stuck like glue. They keep on kissing and hugging and not to mention calling each other Prince or Princess. Or something along those lines. It's getting a bit annoying. Another topic now. Who was calling? I want to know too. Liam walked back in the room hanging up the phone five minites later. "You guys that was Simon since the tour is over he wanted to catch up with us. So get dressed we are going to the karaoke diner tonight," Liam said with our full attention.""So can I bring my princess?" Asked Niall. What did I tell you they keep calling each other that. Just then Zayn and Vanessa came walking fown the stairs hand in hand. "Back together now?" Asked Jackie. "We were never apart" Zayn smiled and eskimo kissed Vanessa. I'm starting to feel like I need a girlfriend...

Liam POV

Well they are back together. "Zayn we are going to meet up with Simon later. And Niall you can bring Jackie and Vanessa can come too. We have three hours until we have to go." I said. Niall grabbed his girl and swung her around. "Hey hey hey I'm not a baseball bat!" She laughed at him. We laughed along. When they stopped I sat back down. Impratical jokers was over now and Harry and Lou were channel surfing. Zayn, Niall, Vanessa, and Jackie were all talking in the kitchen. "Liam we'll be back in an hour." Said Zayn and they all headed out. Well then, they better not be late. I wonder where they are going? Daddy direction needs to know. I took out my phone and sent a text to Jackie. 

Niall POV

Me and Zayn get to take our girls shopping. I get to drive too. I glanced over at Jay and she was texting. "Whoare you texting?" I asked. "Liam. He said Daddy direction got to know where we're going." She replied. We laughed a bit knowing Liam said that. I kept driving and she turned the radio on. She began to sing along to Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. When she finished singing I laughed a bit."What?" She asked smiling. "Nothing you're just cute when you try to sing." I laughed. "TRY?" She asked playfully. She lightly punched my arm and I responded by saying, "I was kidding. You sing nicely." We both laughed that time. We kept talking while Zayn and vanessa had their own conversation. We arrived at the mall ten minutes later. I walked in hand in hand with my princess and Zayn did the same with Vanessa. The girls wanted to shop together. That's predictable especially because they are best friends. 



I need a name for Harry's girlfriend. If you want a chance to have your name used just just leave a comment below along with a few details about yourself like your hair color, eyes, ect. Thanks :)


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