Don't Forget

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9. and so it continues..........

I bumped into this guy he had black air and brown eyes. I looked up at his face as he looked at me. "I'm sorry!" I said as I he got up and pulled me up. "It's fine. Are you okay?" he asked. "Yeah, I'm okay, what abut you?" I added. H did a cute little face and said, "Yeah, I'm good." there was a little moment of silence as we looked into each others eyes. "Excuse me but may I ask what your name is?" he questioned as he dug his hands into his pockets. "Oh I'm sorry I'm Vanessa" I paused as I smiled, "And may I ask what your name is?" He did another cute face and said, "Oh I'm Luke." He smiled too. "Hey by the way can I have your number?" he was trying to be smooth. I nodded and he handed me his phone I did the same.I gave him a hug and we parted ways going in opposite directions. I noticed he had a couple of friends that were waiting on him to come back. At least he has people to trust and love. I kept on walking and found myself at the city park. I've always loved it here. I found of couple of people having a little party. It must be someones party. "MARK! You said you would have some face painter. The kids were told that. What are you going to do?" I saw a brunette lady fuss at a man. I walked over to the and asked "Excuse me mam, but did you say you needed a face painter?" she glared at me and said, "Yes do you know how to." "Actually I do. If you want I will do it." I added. She nodded and said, "alright then. She gave me some face paint and led me to a small table were kids were already waiting to get their cute faces painted. The first two girls were twins it was their birthdays and I gave them both the same thing. They were both kittens now except one of them was purple and the other was pink. I went through the time painting so many different things on different kids. Then I saw a couple of guys walk over. I think they are a little too old for face paintings. A curly haired teenage buy sat down on the chair and I gave him cat whiskers and a cat nose like he wanted. He slipped a piece of paper over to me and then I realized who he was but I didn't make a deal out of it. Then next boy came over another teenager he told me to give him a batman sign I did it and he just said thank you mam. Who still says mam, it was out of respect it was actually nice but it's surprising how kids don't really have much respect now. The next one came and I know who all of them are now. So if Harry is here .....and Liam....and Niall....Loui.. so where's Zain? I mean Zayn. I painted a clover on Niall and a superman sign on Louis then Zain, ugh I mean then Zayn came up he gasped. I smirked and signaled him to sit down. I was drawing the facial features of a wolf on him as we began to chat. "If I still remember you have been forgetting to text for the past three years." I raised my eyebrow. "I'm sorry Vane" he paused "I forgot. I'm really sorry though." I kept on painting. "You know you never broke up with me?" I said a bit hushed. His looked at me and said, "maybe I never wanted to." I gazed at him and then snapped out of it. "Then why are you dating someone else?" I asked "Because it's all about my imagine. It's more of a publicity thing" he winked. "You know publicity shouldn't be a thing you depend on" I added. I finished painting his face but no one was left. "I know but that's another reason why me an Perrie are together. It's a publicity thing for the both of us." I glared at him "Then. . . . . what are you going to do then?" I asked. As I turned my head away he stuck out his hand and reached over bring my head back around. "This." he said. I felt soft and recognizable lips touch mine. Did he just kiss me?



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