Kidnapped ._. (by 1D)

for a girl who hate One Direction she sure is 'close' ;)

story is better on:


8. Wow


still *Casey's P.O.V*
"umm where's Liam?" I asked
"Why do you need Liam?" he said giving me a dirty look.
"Well, maybe cause he's the only one who has not been a dick" I glared at Harry,
"Well maybe that person wouldn't be such a dick if the other one wasn't suck a stuck up snob" he spat.
"STUCK UP, IM FUCKING STUCK UP! says the one who approaches me and say 'want to take a photo with the harry styles'" I said imitating his British accent,
"Shut up you arse" he said rolling his eyes.
"says the one who fucking raped me" I said'
"I said shut up" he repeated himself.

"WHY SHOULD I YOU'RE THE ONE WHO FUCKING KID---" I wasinterrupted by Harry punching me in the face, I immediately fell to the gorund,
"oh god... I'm so sorry Casey!" 

*Harry's P.O.V*
"oh god... I'm so sorry Casey!" 
Did I just fucking hit a girl???
Maybe I did take this a bit too far...
she looked back up at me crying, her eye started to swell up and throb,
I got up and walked out after I did I heard the door lock, I walked back downstairs.
"Is everything all right? I heard some loud screaming then everyone went silent?" Liam said
"Everything's fine" I said lying through my teeth 
"No it's not, I know that face Harry, what did you do?" Louis said
"I-I hurt her" I said with a guilty look on my face
"what do you mean you mean you 'hurt her'" Zayn half screamed
"well... she wouldn't shut up, and well, I got aggravated and punched her in the eye"
"you what?!!?" they all screamed 

*Zayn's P.O.V*
Why the hell would he do that? 
Liam, Louis, Niall, and I all rushed up to the room she was in, I tried to open it but it was locked,
"Casey, you better open this door or I will break it down!" I screamed but I got no answer.
I backed up and ran into the door and it swung open,
she was in the corner of the room crying and buried her face in her knees.
"Casey?" Liam said and she looked up at us,
"oh shit, I'll go get some ice" Louis said and ran downstairs.
Niall, Liam, and I rushed to her asking if she was okay, she said she was fine but we all know that's not true...
"We wont be able to comfort you all day today, 'cause we have an interview but tomorrow I'll be here for you if you need me" Liam said.
I mentally rolled my eyes, why would Liam need to comfort her I'm here too yah know.

*Casey's P.O.V*
I remembered SARA!!!! wow... is she still on the phone?
"so I'll be home by myself" I said.
"No, Harry will be here with you" Niall said.
"You guys just love to brighten up my day, don't you" I rolled my eyes,
then Louis' came in with the ice and handed it to me with a smile,
"thanks" I said, "I'm fine now you guys can leave",
and with that they all walked out...
time to call Sara
Next chapter will be about Sara 'saving' Casey... if her plan works out *smirks evily*
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