Kidnapped ._. (by 1D)

for a girl who hate One Direction she sure is 'close' ;)

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22. Weird...

*Harry's P.O.V*
I'm actually sort of frightened by Casey at this point. She really weirded me out with the popcorn. Spitting at me... nasty. I mean, was she faking? Knowing Casey she was probably just trying to get me off her back but hey, if she wants to play hard to get... Lets play. Liam isn't the only one with her number.
*Sara's P.O.V*
Pictures are all over twitter with the hash tag #Nara. Rumors are going around saying me and Niall are a thing. Is it wrong to say I love it? He replied to one of the fans tweets yesterday.
@urrrgyou: @NiallOfficial so is #Nara real? You know we won't stop asking till we get an answer!
@NiallOfficial: @urrrgyou Well no.... not yet
To be honest this got me dumb hype! How could a boy like Niall like me though? 
I hear my phone ring and look at the caller I.D. 
It was Niall!
"Hey" I said trying to be cool...
"Be my princess?" He said almost as if he were nervous,
"I dunno.... how bout yes?" I joked, "Yes. Of course" I said and heard some people in the back round,
"Oh la la Niall's got a girlfriend" Harry and Louis sang, which made me blush a little.
"Guys!" I heard Niall whisper and hang up. I almost immediately got a text after the phone call. 
From Ni ♡:
Hey princess! Well now that your mine I figure we should meet at the park in an hour? XxXxXxOoOoOo ; )
I swear this kid... ahhh he's got me fangirling.
*Casey's P.O.V*
I got a creepy text saying, 'pick you up at 8 babe' 
At first I didn't know who it was and I started to panic but then I thought, Babe?
Smart ass didn't fall for my whole psycho act?
And now he's planning on what? Kidnapping me again? No. This time he's not going to win. I'll just meet him at his place.
*Louis' P.O.V*
I haven't gotten a text back from Casey, and I'm starting to you know, think she's just not interested in me. I hear about 5 knocks on the door. I open the door to see Casey. She smiled and gave me a hug.
"And what are you doing here so late?" I joke,
"It's like 7:50 plus I'm bored, I thought I could do something with you guys?" Ahh she smelled like pepper mint. Enough of my weird side...
"Oh sure we were just watching family guy" I said and she nodded and walked to the living room.
*Harry's P.O.V*
I was going to get dressed in about 2 minutes when I heard,
"Hey Casey!" 
I turn and see Liam hugging her. Oh, the envy I feel right now. She then looked at me and did a flirty wave. What the hell? How did she know? I said babe didn't I >.<
She looked gorgeous. Even in a big hoodie and sweats. She took off her hood revealing a tang top. I couldn't help but stare until she threw her hoodie at me ._.
I took her hoodie and put it in my room upstairs. She isn't getting away from me that easily...
*Liam's P.O.V*
Why was she here?
Did she get my message?
I could smell her perfume as I hugged her. I never forgot that day we kissed, boy that was a day to remember...
"What movie you watching?" she said and pointed at the TV,
"UP" I said and watched as a huge smile spread on her face, revealing her dimples.
"Oh my god I love that movie! The little boy is just adorable, oh where's Niall?"
"He's with Sara" I said and winked at her and she laughed.
*Harry's P.O.V*
I couldn't here their conversation but I saw Liam wink at her...
Maybe it's time to move quick, I'm loosing her to Liam and they end up happening well....
Let's just say, it wont end pretty...
*Zayn's P.O.V*
She waved 'Hi' to me and smiled but sat next to Louis the whole movie, I almost wanted to throw up watching them flirt constantly back and forth. I saw Harry and Liam tense up too.
Did all of us like her? Well, except for Niall but still... I know we shouldn't fight for girls but this one's worth fighting for, I mean, it's like we're playing a game but it looks like Louis will be the winner...
Maybe I should try my luck and ask her to a date?
*Casey's P.O.V*
It was actually really fun with the boys. I'd take this over being kidnapped by Mopstitute any day!
I've sort of developed a small crush on Louis... Maybe I can text him tonight and see if he's still up for the movies or somethin'
After the movie had finished I got up and realized I didn't have my hoodie. 
"Shit" I whispered, "Where's my hood?" I asked,
"It's upstairs" Zayn said.
I walked upstairs but felt a strange chill riding up my back, I felt like someone was watching me...
I saw my jacket hanging off the side of some bed. I quickly hustled in but once I got to my hood the door slam shut. I heard breathing behind me and quickly round-house kicked what ever was there but I felt it grab my foot,
"Hey babe"
HAHAHAHAAH! left you on a cliff hanger there didn't I?
DONT KILL ME. You know I love you guys ;)
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