Kidnapped ._. (by 1D)

for a girl who hate One Direction she sure is 'close' ;)

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7. truth?

 *Liam's P.O.V*
I had seen Harry walk out of the room, so I figured now's my chance to tell her what really happened.
I opened the door and when I walked in she gave me the most dirtiest looks I've ever seen.
"You wanna know what really happened when you were asleep"        
she just gave me another dirty look, "I already know what happened, you pricks raped me when I was asleep" she spat
"no, Niall and I didn't" she looked at me with confused eyes,
"Thank you, but why didn't you OBEY you leader, the fugly one"
"He's actually not that bad, I just told him that I'm not going to 'do you' and Niall said that he will wont have sex untill marrage, I guess Harry overreacted a bit" 
"yuhp. Wise words from that Niall boy, My mom also told me that but 'SHIT HAPPENS'"
"And I guess by shit you mean Harry, Louis, and Zayn"
she nodded her head, "Doesn't Louis' have a girlfriend?"
"Yea but they're on and off, currently off right now"
"man-whore" she whispered under her breath, I tried to ignore it.
"Well you should get some rest, you know, like if you want to regain your strength or something"
she nodded and I walked out.

*Casey's P.O.V*
Once he walked out, I heard something vibrating, I looked over at the dresser and there was my phone, right on top of it.
"dumb asses" I whispered to myself and walked over to look at the caller I.D.
It was Sara!!! I quickly answered,
"Sara?" I whispered 
"I'm coming to get you" 
"When!" I said excited 
"Tonight, well 10 pm to be exact"
"why 10?"
"They're going for an interview on the late show, can you check who's watching you?"
"yea but don't make a sound, okay?"
I sat back on the bed and put the phone under my but
"Liam!" I screamed

*Liam's P.O.V*
I was downstairs watching TV with the boys when I heard Casey scream "Liam!"
I got up to go to her but Harry stopped me, 
"Why does she want to talk to you?" he sounded, well angry
"Maybe cause I'm one of the boys who didn't rape her" I gave Louis, Harry, and Zayn shameful looks, Zayn just turned his head to the ground. I continued to go upstairs but Harry had stopped me,
"No, let me talk to her" and he barged right passed me.

*Casey's P.O.V* 
I had slid the phone under the pillow as a better hiding spot.
Harry walked in, didn't I call for liam?

Do you guys think Harry's jealous of #Lasey ?
(next chapter will be juicy ^-^)

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