Kidnapped ._. (by 1D)

for a girl who hate One Direction she sure is 'close' ;)

story is better on:


2. signing!

 *Sara's P.O.V*
Well.... I want to take Casey to the mall with me today to get a poster signed by One Direction at the mall, but I knew if I had told her why we were going she would say 'NO'. So I had to make up something, I mean, this is like the only chance I would get at meeting the boys :))))
I drove over to her house and knocked on her door. One she opened I blurted out, 
"Put something nice on I'm taking you to the mall" 
she just nodded, but gave me a weird look.
We both had just got our licences (both of us are 16)
 I was wearing, [y_104]
After about 10 minutes Casey came down 
"I hope this is okay, I dont fell like putting on a dressy outfit"
She looked really tired but I don't want to go to the mall alone so she'll just have to suck it up 'cause she loves me :p
she was wearing, 
"It's whatever, lets just go!"
I rushed her out the door, after all I don't want to be late...
When we got to the mall there was about only 30 girls in line, I had gotten there early, did I mention it's 6 in the morning?
One Direction was going to be at the mall at 7 am so I gave Casey money and told her to get us breakfast, there we were, in line eating breakfast :)

*Casey's P.O.V*
I noticed all these girls rushing into the mall to get behind me and Sara, What the hell?
"Why are they screaming?"
she just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, man I hate it when someones hiding something from me -____-
Then I saw 5 boys walk to a table and sit, are you fucking serious? ._.
"Sara, you know I don't like One Direction"
*Harry's P.O.V*
"Sara, you know I don't like One Direction" I heard from one of the girls in line, she was really pretty, and who wouldn't want to get with this?
I walked over to all the fans in the line, you know, just to take pictures with the fans and stuff...
I walked over to that girl, her friend asked to take a photo with me so I did, then I looked at the girl, she rolled her eyes
"want to take a photo with THE Harry Styles" I winked at her

"ugh, how bout we not and say we did, bye now" 
damn this girl does not like me but I'll change that 
I went to the boys and whispered a plan to kidnap this bitch, she deserves it, I know I'm a little cocky but I'm fucking Harry Styles!
No arse is going to speak to me that way!

*Casey's P.O.V*
It was finally time to leave this ratchet place...
"Why did you make me do this?" she was laughing
"haha 'cause, how else was I supposed to get this shit signed?" 
I just rolled my eyes, I was almost late to my Karate class :p 
I finally got my black belt, my gum started to taste nasty so I told Sara to go to the car and wait for me while I headed to the trash can to spit my nasty gum out.
When I turned around I saw the ugly 'One Direction' behind me, what the fuck?
"hey babe, remember me" Harry said 
all the boys were walking towards me..."you don't know who you're fucking dealing with pricks" I spat 
they all just smiled and kept walking towards me.
What the hell is going on?

what's going to happen to Casey? 
oh merrr gerrrrrd I just want to ....

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